Bathroom Makeover DIY – Maximize Bathroom Space

Today we have a bathroom makeover DIY we recently completed in my Mom’s house. As we showed you in a reclaiming and maximizing space in the bathroom, renovating a bathroom gives you the ideal opportunity to maximize bathroom space. Mom’s bathroom has never been updated in the 30 years she’s owned the house. So it was high time for a reno. For us, it’s just as important to make the sure the space is as functional as it is beautiful. Continue reading

Picture Ledge DIY – Staircase Niche Decor Gift

This picture ledge DIY idea sprung out of this year’s reno project: finishing the basement. We recently completed my craft studio and have been working on the mancave too. It’s a testament to how you can upcycle scrap pieces wood into functional decor!

Hubs surprised me with this as a gift; made especially for the stairway leading into the basement. Before starting work on the basement, the stairwell was the drop zone for our central vacuum system accessories. Continue reading

Replace a Bathroom Fan – Blow it Out Your Roof!

There’s going to come a time when you have to replace a bathroom fan. They say nothing is certain but death and taxes, but I’d like to add a third: repairs!  Repairs are inevitable. Just last week alone, three things broke down on us. When you’re a do-it-your-selfer and a blogger, you have to look on the bright side of things. It’s a good week when repairs alone give you a ton of things to write about!

I wasn’t sorry to see the old fan go. It was so loud and clunky; I could hear barely hear Hubs singing rubber ducky outside the bathroom door 🙂

Continue reading

The Making of a Craft Studio (VI): The Final Reveal!

A few weeks ago was moving day. With the help of Hub’s brothers, all the heavy equipment was brought over from my old studio. While I still have some unpacking, I can’t wait to show you the reveal and share our upcycle ideas to inspire you in your own craft space!

Here is what we started with in the basement…. Continue reading

Laminate Edging – DIY Storage Shelf

Laminate edging (or melamine edging) is the finishing touch for an easy DIY storage shelf. An easy clean white laminate shelf is an ideal addition to any cabinet or niche. You’ll have more storage space in no time!

Hubs upcycled this old tool cart into something special. What that ‘something special’ is won’t be fully revealed until my next post. However, in the interim we’re going to show you how to construct and insert a laminate shelf into a cabinet for more storage space. Continue reading

Landscaping a Dry Creek Bed (Low Maintenance Gdn)

Landscaping a dry creek bed is the first phase of our low maintenance garden project. After finishing the stone patio installation in our backyard, we were left with a lonely patch of grass in the back corner. It didn’t really make sense to get out a lawn mower every week to mow such a small area; not to mention how awkward it would be to maneuver it past our patio set! More importantly, not using electricity to cut the grass – or water to keep it green – is the sustainable way to go! Continue reading

Flea Market Survival Kit – Be Prepared During Tick Season

A flea market survival kit is an essential in our household. When the weather turns warm in May, hubs and I love to scout flea markets and garage sales! Speaking of scout, when I was a Girl Scout, our motto was ‘be prepared’.  That one motto has resonated with me throughout my entire life. This post will give you the scoop on how to be prepared to shop your favourite flea markets.  Continue reading

Small Craft Room Ideas – Making of a Craft Studio IV

This is a progress report of small craft room ideas in my craft room. It’s the fourth in a series of instalments on the making of a craft studio. In my first post, I reached out to fellow bloggers and readers on Hometalk to help me decide the final layout of my craft studio.  Even though it’s still far from being finished, the jury is in on the layout. Continue reading

Where to Put Dishwasher Pods – an Easy Solution

Where to put dishwasher pods can be a challenge. I have a love/hate relationship with the packaging that’s out there for dishwasher tablets. It’s hard to get those pucks out when they’re in a ‘clamshell’. And trying to dig them out from under the sink can be a challenge in itself. Even when they come in a resealable bag! Today we have an easy dishwasher tab dispenser that solves those problems.  Continue reading

Ikea Pax System: Making of a Craft Studio (Part III)

Using the Ikea Pax system in my craft studio for storage opened up a new world of creativity for me (and our blog). Pax isn’t just for the bedroom! Although we adapted in our basement specifically for my craft room, it’s a perfect solution to get you organized in any room in the house. Build it anywhere and store just about anything.  Continue reading