Drink Station / Outdoor Potting Table

A drink station is just the upcycle we need to welcome friends and family to backyard BBQs all summer long!

It could also be just what you need for the upcoming Canada Day celebration. But if you celebrate 4th of July (or any other patriotic day), switch it up with something symbolic of your own country!

This upcycle will work indoors or out year round too! It will even work as a potting table if you choose to use it as outdoor furniture. Or I could see this sporting Mums in the Fall right on the porch! When you see the reveal, you may even want to adapt this as a bathroom vanity.

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Laser Engrave Wood Rounds on the xTool P2 – Healthcare Worker Tribute

We’ve shown you a few techniques using various materials with our xTool P2 laser, but today is all about laser engrave wood rounds! Hubs cut these rounds out over 30 years ago to make into lazy Susan’s, which obviously didn’t happen! So we’re going to repurpose a few to show you some cool laser engrave and score DIYs. You can find birch wood rounds on Amazon, but if you have a laser, why not cut your own?  After all, the xTool P2 Co2 laser can cut, score and engrave! Continue reading

xTool P2 Co2 Laser Beginners Guide

Welcome to our xTool P2 Co2 laser beginners guide! If you’ve ever dreamt of diving into a small business venture or taking your crafting skills to the next level, you’re in the right place!

We’ve put together this guide to help answer all those burning questions you might have about this awesome Co2 laser machine. Whether you’re itching to start engraving acrylic or glass, like us, or you’re just curious about what this laser can do, we’ll help you get ‘laser-focused’. Plus, we’ll share some troubleshooting tips and set up an inline fan – all based on our own experience setting up our P2.

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DIY Solar Eclipse Glasses on the xTool P2

Did you know that you can make your own DIY Solar Eclipse Glasses if you can find the special solar film and have a laser cutter? With the solar eclipse just around the corner, I couldn’t wait to try these out on our new xTool P2 Co2 laser!

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon aligns with the Earth and Sun, casting a shadow on parts of Earth. While the moon is roughly 400 times smaller than the sun, on April 8th, the moon will be 400 times closer to the Earth, making a total solar eclipse possible!

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How to Design Your Own Fabric and More!

Have you ever wondered how to design your own fabric and more, like the patterns you see on home decor, accessories and items all around you?  If you love to craft, whether for personal use or as a side hustle, surface design can be a great skill to learn!

As a fashion designer by trade, I’ve always wanted to dip my toe into the surface design pool and explore this awesome skill! All it took was a free mini course that teaches the basics, and more practice on my own, to scratch this off my bucket list. Continue reading

Easy Felt Appliqué – Mondrian Heart Stool Cover

Looking for a unique Valentine’s idea? Today we have an easy felt appliqué DIY. I love exploring different ways to use stencils with felt and this proves that you don’t have to just use paint as your stencil medium. This is such a cute idea for Valentines day – but it would work any time of year because off the Mondrian theme!

The best thing? This totally transforms a stool without doing a thing to the stool itself!

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