Mango and Avocado Slaw – Two Ways!

Although I serve this mango and avocado slaw dish with cod as the protein, I adapt the recipe for Hubs.

Do you have picky eaters in your household too? If so, you can make this same dish, but just switch out the protein. So while I make this with fish for me, I cook chicken for him and serve it with the same mango and avocado slaw. And we’re both happy!

Although this is a cod with mango recipe, I adapt it for Hubs who doesn't like fish. If you have a picky eater, just switch out the protein. Birdz of a Feather | The Unknown chef | cod fish recipes | mango salsa | cabbage slaw | chicken recipes | chicken breast recipe | mango cod fish recipes | mango cod | mango cod recipes | cod with mango salsa | cod mango salsa | baked cod with mango salsa Continue reading

Zucchini Tofu Lasagna – A Watery Fix!

My zucchini tofu lasagna turned out unexpectedly amazing, which is why it’s a zucchini lasagna with a twist. Noodle-less lasagna is a great concept in theory but when put into practice with zucchini as a substitute, you may find your favourite Italian cuisine drowning in water.

I was inspired by my sister for this vegetarian lasagna. Her version of zucchini lasagna, while really good flavour-wise, is always super watery. This recipe not only fixes that unwanted flaw, but we actually enjoy the taste and texture just as much as lasagna made with real noodles. What a bonus when you’re trying to avoid carbs!

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Tofu Chili – Chili Con Tofu Meatless Monday!

Tofu Chili is a go-to on meatless Monday because it gives us all the flavour of a regular chili con carne minus the meat. Around here, we call it Chili Con Tofu. Tofu is brilliant at taking on whatever flavour you add!

This is also a great recipe to empty the pantry. Got a can of mini corn? Throw it in! As usual, we’re going full-on organic.

With Tofu Chili, you won't miss the meat when you subsitute tofu for meat on meatless Monday! That's why we call it Chili Con Tofu! Birdz of a Feather | chili recipe | chili recipe easy | chilli recipe | chilli | chili con tofu | vegan chili con tofu | chili con carne tofu | vegetarian recipes | vegetarian chili | vegatarian chili recipe | vegetarian chilli | vegetarian chilli recipes | vegetarian tofu recipes | organic tofu recipes | organic tofu | tofu recipes Continue reading

Breakfast Parfait – Fruity Chia Seed Make-Ahead

Fruity breakfast parfait is an easy make-ahead breakfast. It’s something I just started doing because I’m making an effort to loose weight. However, even when I DO lose the weight, I’ll continue to make these. That’s because they’re so darn easy and good! What’s not to love about a make ahead breakfast that’s ready to pull out of the fridge in the morning?

Breakfast parfait is an easy make ahead breakfast. it's something I started doing because I'm making an effort to loose weight. Birdz of a Feather | make ahead breakfast | make ahead meals | breakfast parfait recipes | breakfast parfait make ahead | breakfast parfait healthy | breakfast parfait recipes make ahead | breakfast parfait recipes mason jars | parfait recipes | parfait breakfast | parfait cups Continue reading