Dry Creek Bed: Low Maintenance Gardening (Part 1)

A dry creek bed is our first phase of our low maintenance garden project. After finishing the patio in our backyard, we were left with a lonely patch of grass in the back corner. It didn’t really make sense to get out a lawn mower every week to mow such a small area; not to mention how awkward it would be to maneuver it past our patio set! More importantly, not using electricity to cut the grass – or water to keep it green – is the sustainable way to go! Continue reading

Slugs on Hostas? Holey Hosta Batman!

Want to get rid of slugs on hostas? Read on to find out how to use copper blocker!

This post kicks off a 3-part series on low-maintenance/sustainable gardening. The side of our house doesn’t get a lot of sun, so we planted shade tolerant hostas and ground cover to fill in that area and crowd out weeds and aid in water conservation. The hostas have filled in beautifully over the years, but by mid summer they are all torn to shreds and have more holes than swiss cheese. Continue reading

Outdoor Privacy Screen Ideas

It’s time to start thinking about outdoor privacy screen ideas for your garden! This guide will give you ideas to start building your own trellises and privacy screens. With Spring on the horizon, I find myself thinking about outdoor projects! When you live in a suburban neighbourhood, where the houses are packed in like sardines, it leaves a lot to be desired in terms of privacy.

The smaller trellises are ideal for using up scraps of wood you might already have on-hand.

Continue reading

Small Backyard Landscape Ideas: Backyard Oasis

We hope you find inspiration in our small backyard landscape ideas! Creating a backyard oasis is a process. Like the nursery rhyme, Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary, How Does Your Garden Grow, there’s more to creating a backyard oasis than meets the eye. The ‘silver bells’ and ‘cockle shells’ referred to in the rhyme were colloquialisms for instruments of torture. In a lot of ways, landscaping is much the same way—full of torture! So I’m officially calling this DIY project ‘the Mother (Nature) of All Projects’.

You’ll find plenty of ideas on the net showing you backyard ideas for small yards. But when you put your own blood sweat and tears into a landscaping project like this, you come to love your own better than anything out there! Continue reading