Zucchini Tofu Lasagna – A Watery Fix!

My zucchini tofu lasagna turned out unexpectedly amazing, which is why it’s a zucchini lasagna with a twist. Noodle-less lasagna is a great concept in theory but when put into practice with zucchini as a substitute, you may find your favourite Italian cuisine drowning in water.

I was inspired by my sister for this vegetarian lasagna. Her version of zucchini lasagna, while really good flavour-wise, is always super watery. This recipe not only fixes that unwanted flaw, but we actually enjoy the taste and texture just as much as lasagna made with real noodles. What a bonus when you’re trying to avoid carbs!

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Tofu Chili – Chili Con Tofu Meatless Monday!

Tofu Chili is a go-to on meatless Monday because it gives us all the flavour of a regular chili con carne minus the meat. Around here, we call it Chili Con Tofu. Tofu is brilliant at taking on whatever flavour you add!

This is also a great recipe to empty the pantry. Got a can of mini corn? Throw it in! As usual, we’re going full-on organic.

With Tofu Chili, you won't miss the meat when you subsitute tofu for meat on meatless Monday! That's why we call it Chili Con Tofu! Birdz of a Feather | chili recipe | chili recipe easy | chilli recipe | chilli | chili con tofu | vegan chili con tofu | chili con carne tofu | vegetarian recipes | vegetarian chili | vegatarian chili recipe | vegetarian chilli | vegetarian chilli recipes | vegetarian tofu recipes | organic tofu recipes | organic tofu | tofu recipes Continue reading

Breakfast Parfait – Fruity Chia Seed Make-Ahead

Fruity breakfast parfait is an easy make-ahead breakfast. It’s something I just started doing because I’m making an effort to loose weight. However, even when I DO lose the weight, I’ll continue to make these. That’s because they’re so darn easy and good! What’s not to love about a make ahead reakfast that’s ready to pull out of the fridge in the morning?

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Mexican Style Stuffed Peppers – Pantry Peppers

Do you ever just hang out in front of an open fridge and draw a blank? Those are the days that we really don’t know what we want for dinner. Well, if you have a couple red peppers, any kind of rice, some canned beans and corn and some jared salsa, you’ve got a quick and simple dinner with this mexican style stuffed peppers. Try it for meatless Monday!

With some red peppers and just a few pantry ingredients, you've got a quick and simple dinner with these mexican style stuffed peppers. Birdz of a Feather | stuffed pepper recipe | stuffed red peppers | stuffed peppers healthy | vegetarian stuffed peppers mexican style | meatless monday | meatless monday recipes | meatless monday meals | meatless monday ideas Continue reading

Crispiest Chicken Wings – Without Frying

Love fried chicken? Perhaps you made a new year’s resolution to cut back. Well you’ve come to the right place because these are the crispiest chicken wings ever!

This recipe lets you have all the crispy crunchy goodness without frying! Yes, you read that right – no oil, no muss, no fuss; but all the flaaaay-vour! If that weren’t enough, it’s also gluten free.

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