Recipe for Kibbeh Inspired Beef Patties – Gluten Free

Our recipe for Kibbeh is unconventional and not traditional in the least. Kibbeh is a Lebanese dish that is made with bulgur and ground meat (beef or lamb). For an authentic recipe, a reader has kindly shared this YouTube tutorial in Arabic (the recipe is listed in English in the comments).

While Kibbeh means to form a ball, there are many ways to shape it; balls, patties or football shaped. Traditionally, these have a stuffing in the centre. However, we’ve adapted a Milk Street recipe, which is not stuffed, to make this a totally gluten free preparation. I don’t know how the bulgur would taste, but I can guarantee you won’t miss the wheat if you try our version. It’s delicious.

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Belgian Waffle Recipe – Crisp it Up!

We’ve got another Belgian waffle recipe perfect for a weekend morning! These Belgian waffles are not unlike the homemade belgian waffles we posted last year. However, this time we’re aiming for the crisp factor.

Crispy waffles stand up better to stacking, slathering with syrup or even adding a scoop of ice cream. Instead of eating these for breakfast, they’re also great as a dessert waffle.

stack of belgian waffles with berries, nuts and banana

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