The Making of a Craft Studio (VI): The Final Reveal!

A few weeks ago was moving day. With the help of Hub’s brothers, all the heavy equipment was brought over from my old studio. While I still have some unpacking, I can’t wait to show you the reveal and share our upcycle ideas to inspire you in your own craft space!

Here is what we started with in the basement…. Continue reading

Laminate Edging – DIY Storage Shelf

Laminate edging (or melamine edging) is the finishing touch for an easy DIY storage shelf. An easy clean white laminate shelf is an ideal addition to any cabinet or niche. You’ll have more storage space in no time!

Hubs upcycled this old tool cart into something special. What that ‘something special’ is won’t be fully revealed until my next post. However, in the interim I’m going to show you how to construct and insert a laminate shelf into a cabinet for more storage space. Continue reading

Flea Market Survival Kit – Be Prepared During Tick Season

A flea market survival kit is an essential in our household. When the weather turns warm in May, hubs and I love to scout flea markets and garage sales! Speaking of scout, when I was a Girl Scout, our motto was ‘be prepared’.  That one motto has resonated with me throughout my entire life. This post will give you the scoop on how to be prepared to shop your favourite flea markets.  Continue reading

Where to Put Dishwasher Pods – an Easy Solution

Where to put dishwasher pods can be a challenge. I have a love/hate relationship with the packaging that’s out there for dishwasher tablets. It’s hard to get those pucks out when they’re in a ‘clamshell’. And trying to dig them out from under the sink can be a challenge in itself. Even when they come in a resealable bag! Today we have an easy dishwasher tab dispenser that solves those problems.  Continue reading

Powder Room Makeover – on a Beer Budget

Our powder room makeover was a long time coming. It is the first room you see as you come into our front entry and it was an eyesore. Dated oak cabinets, builder beige walls, old toilet and an ugly light fixture made for a poor first impression. Continue reading

Ikea Pax Planner: The Making of a Craft Studio (II)

The Ikea Pax Planner is amazing! Want to avoid the hassle of navigating the store and figuring it all out on the spot? Then the Ikea Pax Planner is for you!  Continue reading

Pull Out Cabinet: Turn a Filler Panel into Storage

A pull out cabinet is a great solution to utilize wasted space in the kitchen. Although our kitchen is a beautiful space, it isn’t overly functional; I knew we could do more to maximize the limited storage. The light bulb went off one day when I was surfing the net and found a base filler cabinet roll out. Continue reading