Pegboard Craft Organizer (Organizing the Craft Studio)

If you liked our last pegboard idea – where we showed you how to hang a sliding pegboard in a cabinet, you might just love this pegboard craft organizer! We’re on a roll with rolling pegboards: it also slides out. But instead of being hidden away in a cabinet, it slides out from the wall!

See that really narrow wall space below beside the cabinet? The pegboard craft organizer is going to mount to the wall with drawer slides so you can pull it right out and maximize your craft room storage!

Upcycle a Pegboard Craft Organizer

We’re using upcycled pegboard from my old craft studio. When you use what you already have, it makes for cheap craft room storage! But it will look anything but cheap when it’s done!

Ekeing out space for a pegboard wall in the craft room

Sliding pegboard is a game changer when it comes to craft room storage ideas (more on how to organize a craft room here)! But this idea can be used anywhere you want to add a pegboard wall organizer in your home, but may not have the wall space to mount a traditional pegboard. Perfect for capturing wall space you didn’t even think you could use!

Pegboard Craft Organizer Video

Old Craft Room Pegboard Storage

Here’s my pegboard oganizer in my old studio where I had a ton of wall space.

Traditional wall mounted pegboard craft organizer loaded up with craft supplies and tools

Craft Room Storage DIY – Regular Pegboard

The pegboard organizer above is primarily for tools. This is what that tool organizer became after we upcycled the pegboard:

sliding pegboard craft organizer used to store tools

Here’s the craft pegboard in my old craft studio. And what will become of this second example? It will be just more amazing for craft storage in my present craft room!

Traditional wall mounted stationary pegboard craft organizer

Again, we’re re-using our pegboard by upcycling it, but first we’re going to paint it to fit in with the decor of my present craft room.

Materials for Pegboard Craft Organizer

Drawer slides for pegboard craft organizer

The question I get asked quite frequently is ‘does paint stick to pegboard’. Whether you’re painting the raw side, or the side that may already have a white finish on it, it’s best to prime pegboard before painting. Primer and a good scuff sand is the trick to getting paint to stick.

What is the Best Way to Paint Pegboard?

Pegboard is essentially made from MDF (medium density fibreboard) so should be painted for durability.  In a previous post, Hubs taught me how to paint using a spray gun (you can watch the video here). So we end up spraying the top coat for this pegboard. However, for the primer, we’re using Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start (KO-46) and rolling it on! Priming the pegboard craft organizer

Use a quality fibre roller with short pile for a better finish. Hubs has tips on the video for using a roller so watch the video for his pointers.

When the primer is dry, you can give it a light scuff again and topcoat with a hard wearing paint, like PPG BreakThrough. We’re painting this pegboard Van Courtland Blue (HC-145) to match my double pocket doors.

pegboard craft organizer ready to paint

How to Make a Sliding Pegboard Craft Organizer

1. Paint the pegboard

Here’s the pegboard after painting the topcoat. Place it wrong side up on the table when you attach the glides (you’ll see the back side is white in the following pictures).

painted blue pegboard craft organizer

2. Find Wall Studs

Where your wall studs lie beneath the dry wall will determine where you have the drill holes in the inner member of the metal drawer slide and also the pegboard itself. Make a note of the measurements for later.

finding the wall studs for the pegboard craft organizer

How to mount pegboard

3. Build Platform

In order to use every inch of wall space, we’re using the full height of the wall. But first, you have to build a platform like the one below. It will keep the pegboard level and just above the baseboard so that you can install the drawer slides to make this into a slide out pegboard.

Riser on floor for the pegboard craft organizer

4. pegboard Drawer Slide Placement

Separate the inner and outer members of the drawer slides.

Since the pegboard craft organizer is so tall and will be loaded up with craft stuff, use at least 3 drawer slides. Our slides are 5″ from the top and bottom edge with one in the centre. Ensure the slides fall in between the pegboard hole and mark these spots with pencil so you know where to line up the drawer slides and drill in the next step.

Attaching the drawer slides for the pegboard craft organizer

Note that we can use some of the existing holes in the metal, but they have to be drilled bigger to accommodate the Chicago screws that will fasten the drawer slides to the pegboard.

Use a drill bit that will allow the Chicago screws to fit snuggly through the metal (and pegboard in the next step).

5. Drill Holes

After drilling holes in the metal, transfer those marks onto the pegboard. Then drill through the pegboard. drilling pegboard for the pegboard craft organizerAs you can see below, the holes will be smaller than the original pegboard holes to accommodate the width of the Chicago screw.

6. Attach Drawer Slides

We’re using Chicago screws to attach the metal to the pegboard. Put the post half through the top, then join the post section through the pegboard from underneath with the other half of the Chicago screw. You’ll need to tighten the screws with a screw driver when you’re ready to turn the pegboard right side up again (before attaching to the wall).

With all 3 inner members now fastened with Chicago screws, it’s time to drill holes in the outer members of the drawer slides (if necessary) for the studs.

Transfer the measurements from the wall studs onto the outer metal and drill. You’ll see more about this step on the video.

Now you’re ready to attach your pegboard!

7. Fasten Pegboard Craft Organizer to Wall

Prop the pegboard onto the platform making sure the pegboard is tight against the back corner of the wall.

Hanging the sliding pegboard

Pull out the drawer slides. Since the back is going to be screwed the back stud and could potentially hit the metal corner bead, pre drill first. Then screw the glides into the wall at the back with long screws. You’ll do this for each of the three drawer slides.

Since this area is so narrow and such a tight squeeze, an angle driver is helpful to start the screws. However, stop short and finish the rest with a regular screw gun. Because the angle driver is powerful, it can easily strip the screw if you accidentally drive it in too far.

Luckily Hubs is skinny enough to fit into this tight space and we didn’t have to move out the end cabinet. If I had to do this, it would be a different story :). If you have a similar situation, you may have to move one of the cabinets out to gain some space to work. Once the back screws are installed, pull the drawer glides out until you reach the next set of holes that coincide with a stud.

Again, predrill and attach screws to the studs.

How to mount pegboard sliding wall

8. Add a Handle to Pegboard Craft Organizer

A handle makes this sliding pegboard a dream to use. Find a handle that has holes to match the distance of the peg holes and attach it at a comfortable height. Hubs has a great tip about using electrical box screws for this; they are the perfect length!

How do I organize my craft room pegboard?

On the upper half I’m storing all my milk paints and brushes, dividing them into sections with wooden craft hoops. More about that later.

Near the bottom, I’m going to build shelving using pallet wood for additional storage. That project will come much later though.

Pegboard Hooks

One method to keep pegboard hooks from falling out is to double up on this shrink tubing (which Hubs demonstrates on the video). We also spoke about pegboard hooks and accessories in our last post. You can jump to that section to read about the best pegboard hooks here.

How to Store Milk Paint on Pegboard

If you’re a regular reader of Birdz of a Feather, it should come as no surprise that I love milk paint because it’s the ultimate in eco-friendly paint! When it comes to using milk paint and how to mix milk paint, I’ve got that down pat! But until now, I was stumped on how to store it.

With my new pegboard craft organizer, I came up with a clever solution to hang it by upcycling these plastic report holders. I saved oodles of these when my Dad passed away because I knew I’d figure out another use for them for day!

Just slide them onto the top of the milk paint pouch as shown.

Then use these scissors to cut them even with the end of the pouch. We use these utility snips to open clam shell packaging which is next to impossible to open!

You’ll be able to cut two lengths from each plastic holder.

Binder Clips For Pegboard Hooks

Now attach a 1/2″ binder clip on the top and slide the pouches right onto a metal pegboard hook. Binder clips are a great idea for holding craft items on pegboard hooks!

The beauty of this craft storage solution is that you don’t have to remove all the pouches to get at the one in the back. Just open up the binder clip and it’ll slip right off!

When you’re ready to milk paint, just remove the plastic tab to open the bag. Then put it back on when you hang it up again and reconnect it with the empty binder clip. Easy peasy.

Sliding pegboard

As you can see, I have lots of milk paint! I just use the handle to pull the pegboard out to access my craft stash and then slide it right back in again when I’m done.

Sliding pegboard wall

Now that once narrow area is useful storage space with the pegboard craft organizer tucking away when I don’t need it.

Looks like we forgot to paint the edge when we painted the pegboard, but we’ll figure something out to hide that!

Milk Paint Craft Projects

See our milk paint projects here.

Pin Pegboard Craft Organizer

We’re not quite done yet with this pegboard craft organizer but pin it for later anyway! There’s still at least one more project to come in an upcoming post showing you how to make DIY hanging pegboard shelves.

Pegboard FAQs

How do you organize crafts in a small space?

Sliding pegboards can be added in cupboards or on walls where access is limited. Since the slide out and tuck away when not in use, it’s a great solution for organizing crafts in a small space – whether or not it’s dedicated to crafts.

How do you make pegboard look good?

Pegboard hooks can help you organize pegboard to make it look great. You can read about the best pegboard hooks here. There is also a clever solution for storing awkward items, like pouches of milk paint. See our tutorial above for how to make a craft pegboard.

How much clearance do you need behind pegboard?

You need about 1/2″ of clearing to get the pegboard hooks on without scratching the wall. When you mount a sliding pegboard on a wall with drawer slides, it gives you just the right amount of clearance you need.

What is the best way to paint pegboard?

First lightly scuff the pegboard with sandpaper to remove any gloss on the surface. Wipe the dust clean. Then paint with a primer to seal the mdf. Finally top coat with paint – preferably in a semi-gloss sheen for added durability.

Can you paint Skadis pegboard?

Yes, a Skadis pegboard is a wonderful surface to paint. See how we do it with this Hudson’s Bay Point Blanket Inspired Upcycle.

What can you do with pegboard?

Pegboard is traditionally mounted to a wall. But now you can install drawer slides onto your pegboard wall organizer or hide it away in a cabinet so it can slide out whenever you need to access your pegboard tools or craft stash! Use it for storing tools, crafts, or  pots and pans underneath a cabinet. The possibilities are endless. Learn how to make a sliding pegboard with the tutorial above!

What primer should you use on MDF?

Our preferred primer for painting MDF is Benjamin Moore’s Fresh Start (KO96)

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  1. OMG, this is fantastic! You just gave me the great solution to a problem in my craft area. Thanks so much Sara! Really well done.

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    • Ha – you just guessed what my next post is all about Marie; it’s stencil storage! I have two ideas coming right up for that so don’t thank me yet lol :).

  3. That was an amazing use of space! Pegboards are so great for organizing supplies and that roll out part makes it soooo useful in that space!

    • Thanks Susan! I’m really loving it in my craft studio. But I think it could have so many cool applications in the kitchen, garage etc. so I can see us installing a few more to maximize our storage space :).

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    • Yes, it certainly does help when you you don’t want to move big heavy cabinets ! Even though he’s skinny, I still don’t know how he managed it – lol!

  5. I love this idea. I’m having my husband build me one in my craft room closet to organize my ribbon.

    • Thanks Libbie! It’s so nice to finally have it organized so I can use it 🙂

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      My previous studio was so much bigger, so I really have to squeeze out every inch of space in my small studio. These sliding pegboards are a game changer for me!

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