Pegboard Display Stand DIY – Man Cave Style

When Hubs started restoring vintage sewing machines, the need of storage for organizing all his tools was an obvious must-have and so we built this pegboard display stand DIY. 

Normally, we’d be sharing a craft today but we’ve been busy as bees preparing for my sister’s move at the end of this month. So instead, we’ll upcycle some scraps and show you how to build a useful storage solution you may just want to adapt for your your craft space!

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Pegboard Display Stand DIY

This is a great storage idea for makers and crafters alike. We’ve done so many pegboard ideas for my craft studio, it’s about time we focus on the man cave too. However, when Hubs builds something for himself, it’s usually all about the form and function. After all, there’s no creating without tools!

The beauty of this standing pegboard build is that it houses a tool kit at the base. That way, you can keep everything together that you use to craft. So when the weather is gorgeous and you want to craft outside, you can bring it outdoors – or even travel with all your essentials.

Tool box sitting on floor inside black pipe mock up of pegboard display stand diy

Watch this video tutorial with a few tips and tricks we learned along the way.

At first, Hubs started with this scrap pipe to get an idea of the size and space requirements. So I thought the pegboard stand display DIY would take on an industrial vibe. We love working with pipe; our most recent project is this DIY Pipe Lamp.

hands grabbing tool box inside pegboard display stand diy mockup

Of course, I like things to look pretty too. So imagine my surprise when I learned this project does happen to have a pretty element because Hubs insisted on using copper for the standing pegboard support! What isn’t pretty is the oxidation on the leftover copper scraps from our plumbing projects in the basement. But we’ll take care of that later.

Tape measure, building plan sketch, copper pipe pieces and pegboard for pegboard display stand diy

After drawing out the measurements, Hubs supplemented the copper pipe with a few longer lengths too. Since your own space requirements will vary, your measurements and supplies may be different.

Materials for Pegboard Display Stand

One of the essentials you’ll need is a pipe cutter.

Pipe cutter

Hubs’ tip of the day is to cut a piece of grippy non slip liner to help hold the pipe as you are cutting it. It will go SO much faster when you have a good hold on the copper!

Wrapping non slip liner around the copper to help hold the pipe while cutting

It’s fun to work it all out before committing to cutting the copper with the pipe cutter. Further ahead you’ll see we also added a scrap of wood as a base for the tool kit to rest on.

Man kneeling with tape measure and components of pegboard display stand diy on floor

You’ll also need pegboard cut to size (your big box store can do this for you), 8 copper elbows, 8 T’s, 4 pipe holders, 2 caps and 8-32 machine screws and nuts (to hold the shelf and pegboard). You can solder the pieces together if you have that skill (which we do), but we chose to use Gorilla glue.

How to Make a Pegboard Display Stand

Measure twice and cut once :).

cut copper pipe, two part Gorilla glue, copper t's, elbows, caps screws, nuts. pegboard and pipe clamps on piece of cardboard

Here’s a closer look at Hubs’ measurements.

Pencil drawn plan with measurements for pegboard display stand diy

Clean the Copper

Use vinegar and salt or a commercial copper cream on the scraps of copper that are tarnished so everything looks consistent.

cleaning the copper. vinegar, salt, metal cleaner, towels, rags and bowl on countertop

Once everything is clean, we seal the copper with a few spray coats of Tremclad clear since we wish to prevent future tarnish. The pegboard is also painted light blue to match my double pocket doors, since this pegboard sits close to my studio entry.

Dry Fit the Pegboard Display Stand DIY

Now do a dry fit of all the pieces.

Measuring between two pieces of copper pipe assembled for bottom of pegboard display stand diy

This is where you can still adjust things if necessary.

Copper pipe of pegboard display stand diy partly assembled

Because it’s easy to glue things out of level and plumb, Hubs clamps two 90 degree pieces of wood to a table to square everything up as he glues.

Bottom of copper pipe party assemble on a table with vertical wood clamped behind it as it's being glued

Hubs also painted the scrap wood shelf at the bottom bright red. As you can see from the glimpse of his favourite screwdriver on the bottom right, red is a great accent colour for tool storage! Attach the red shelf with the pipe holders and screws on the underside.

Red bottom shelf of pegboard display stand diy

Then the all important pegboard gets attached with more pipe holders. Position it one column over from the edge.

Man attaching the pegboard to pegboard display stand diy

fastening the standing pegboard

The screw heads are hardly noticeable from the front.

Man pointing at machine screws holding pegboard onto the display stand diy

From the back, you see the nuts and pipe holder that hold the pegboard on.

back of pegboard display stand diy showing fastener that holds pegboard on

Accessorize the Pegboard

Install a pegboard screwdriver organizer if you work with a lot of screw fasteners. Another handy item is a magnetic tool holder. Hubs has more tweezers than I have in my makeup kit lol (he’s actually added on since this picture)!

Front of pegboard display stand diy showing screwdriver organizer and magnetic tool holder with various tools

And there you have it; a pegboard display stand DIY than you can customize to suit your own needs!

Full length of pegboard display stand diy showing tool kit storage box on top of red shelf

Free standing pegboard display

Don’t forget to finish off with the caps on top. The copper stand is perfect for hanging a flashlight; we always know where to find it!

Pegboard is always our go-to solution when it comes to organizing. We’ve done many unique pegboard projects to organize everything from jewelry to crafts – like this unique pegboard craft organizer.

If you want to get even more creative and pretty up the pegboard – check out the paint treatment of the pegboard in this pallet shelves diy!

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pinnable image for pegboard display stand diy

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16 thoughts on “Pegboard Display Stand DIY – Man Cave Style

  1. Sara, pegboard is so handy and the copper accents really elevate this project! So creative! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    • Thank you Cecilia! It’s just great for Hubs to be organized and have everything at his fingertips!

  2. Wow Sara, that is so professional! It looks great and it must be so nice to be able to immediately be able to grab the right tool without having to dig around in a tool box. The copper does add a pretty factor! Thanks so much for hosting our monthly hop!

    • You’re welcome Jenna! Hubs came up with a great design; it’s so nice to that he thought about both form and function and the copper does look pretty!

    • Thanks Terrie; it’s Hubs’ brainchild; I’ll be sure to pass that on to him 🙂

  3. Great project, Sara! Can I borrow your hubs? All kidding aside, I love this idea and desperately need to organize my craft supplies! Besides having them in my craftroom, I’ve taken over part of our garage and was recently given an ultimatum to “clean” up an area that is blocking the circuit breaker. So I should get busy organizing!

    • Ha ha, I get that question a LOT lol! We have several pegboard ideas on the blog so there’s definitely going to be one to fit your craft space no matter where you’ve expanded to. We even have a few that tuck away and slide out (you’ll find all our pegboard ideas here:

  4. Your Hubs is quite the handyman. Looks like you have a very useful spot to store his tools. This project is above my pay grade, but I’m impressed with his skills. Thanks for hosting, Sara.

    • You’re welcome Carol! Yes, Hubs is definitely a keeper lol.

  5. I love this project, Sara – everything is right at your fingertips. No hunting for the right tool!

    • That’s the beauty of it; a place for everything and everything in its place!

  6. Now that is a handy idea!! I love the use of the pipe, too. We just used it for a curtain rod. Great minds…

    • Copper is such a pretty metal. Great idea to use it as a rod for curtains; I may have to steal that at my BILs new place! BTW, I don’t know if you ever watch Magnolia Network, but I saw Joanna Gaines re-do a house with copper eavestroughs and it was drop dead gorgeous.

    • Thanks Allyson; I was super happy that Hubs chose copper to build it; it’s a pretty metal.

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