Belgian Waffle Recipe – Crisp it Up!

We’ve got another Belgian waffle recipe perfect for a weekend morning! These Belgian waffles are not unlike the homemade belgian waffles we posted last year. However, this time we’re aiming for the crisp factor.

Crispy waffles stand up better to stacking, slathering with syrup or even adding a scoop of ice cream. Instead of eating these for breakfast, they’re also great as a dessert waffle.

stack of belgian waffles with berries, nuts and banana

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How to Trace on an iPad

If your printer ever breaks down, like ours recently did, you might just find this tutorial on how to trace on an iPad handy! Never toss old technology. In a pinch, you can upcycle an old iPad (or new one for that matter) into a makeshift light table to trace a drawing! Continue reading

How to Install LED Lighting

We learned how to install LED lighting after undertaking a kitchen renovation to sell a home. Once we updated our kitchen, we changed our mind about selling. And after realizing just how easy LED lighting strips are to install, not to mention energy efficient, we couldn’t wait to do the same in our basement laundry room! Energy efficient features (and a finished basement) always add value to a home – whether to enjoy or sell. Continue reading

How to Clean Printer Heads

Before you run out to needlessly to buy another printer, try our fix on how to clean printer heads first! Less landfill = a happier planet and, like our motto says, good planets are hard to find!

The handiest tool in our craft arsenal is actually our home printer; it is indispensable. But over the last few days it has been printing badly at first and then printing completely blank pages. Not a good thing when you need print outs for your next upcyled craft project!

With so many people working from home now, it’s more important than ever to have a printer in good working order.  Continue reading