Dr. Seuss and Mutual Weirdness – A Love Story

It’s been a while since I penned my first random ramblings (see New Year Goals) so it’s about time for a story about Dr. Seuss and Mutual Weirdness!

I was fan girling someone’s Facebook page, as one sometimes does, when I came across a quote attributed to Dr. Seuss. 

“People are weird. When we find someone with weirdness that is compatible with ours, we team up and call it love.” — Dr. Seuss

Wait! Did Dr. Seuss really write that? A quick google search later, I found this version: 

“We are all a little weird and life’s a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.” — Dr. Seuss

The Dr. Seuss Connection

That’s the internet for you; who knows what he really wrote! Either way, speaking of Dr. Seuss, it reminded me of how he played a role in the early stages of my relationship with Hubs. Hubs and I actually met online and communicated extensively through emails. I couldn’t help but notice Hubs quirky sign-off: “I do not like them in a car” – a clever reference to Dr. Seuss’ Green Eggs and Ham (which by the way, I tried to replicate in this green eggs post).

Discovering Dr. Seuss’ Wisdom

Ah, Dr. Seuss, the master of whimsical and engaging stories that captivate both children and adults alike:

“Oh the places you’ll go! 

You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose. You’re on your own. And you know what you know. And YOU are the one who’ll decide where to go…”

“Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

What’s not to love about the importance of seizing new opportunities, keeping an open-mind, and trying new things? Hubs encompasses all these things to me. But the thing that captured me most, right from the beginning, was Hubs’ kid like glee. 

Let me regale you with just one of the reasons I fell into ‘mutual weirdness‘ with Hubs. 

Hubs’ Mischievous Adventure

This is a tale of Hubs’ mischievous adventure during a business trip to the United States. Picture this: he was casually shooting the breeze with his U.S. coworkers at lunch time. Now, as any seasoned traveler knows, one of the joys of visiting different countries is discovering and learning about cultural differences that make each country unique. 

And as fate would have it, the topic of conversation turned to the contrasting systems of measurement between the U.S. and Canada – the metric versus imperial debate. By the way, the U.S. is one of only three countries in the world today that still uses the imperial system. 

The Bombshell Revelation

In the midst of this friendly banter, one of the sales guys cheerfully mentioned an upcoming trip to our home base, Toronto. Seizing the perfect opportunity to have some fun, Hubs dropped a bombshell, “Oh, hold your horses! Canada is switching over to ‘Metric Time’ real soon. So you better double-check your schedule when you’re ready to book, because that month might not exist anymore!”

The Tale Unfolds

Now, you can imagine the perplexed looks and incredulous laughter that followed. Undeterred, Hubs elaborated on this fictional metric time revolution with an air of utmost seriousness. He spun a fantastical tale of a world where everything is measured in multiples of ten. Gone were the traditional 12-hour days and 24-hour periods. Instead, there would be ten blissful hours of daytime and ten hours of nighttime, making a grand total of 20 hours in a day. And forget about the good ol’ seven-day week – it was out the window! Sorry God; in this metric paradise, there were now ten days in a week, because, hey, symmetry matters! And instead of one day of rest, how about 10 days on and 10 days off?

However, it didn’t stop there. The most mind-boggling twist was the revelation that the calendar would be trimmed down to a mere ten months! That’s right, forget about all those pesky extra months cluttering up your year. So, the poor unsuspecting sales guy planning his trip to Canada was left scratching his head.

The Power of Convincing Storytelling

And throughout this wild yarn, my husband maintained an impeccably straight face, spinning his tale about metric time with flair and urgency. Some of the guys, initially chuckling and rolling their eyes, found themselves drawn into the web of his convincing storytelling. The more he delved into the intricacies of the metric system’s obsession with tens, the more they began to believe him.

Dr. Seuss and Mutual Weirdness

Oh, but every prank must reach its end,
And so it happened, my dear friend.
With mischief dancing in his glance,
My husband revealed his funny stance.

He confessed, with a twinkle in his eye,
That the metric time tale was all a lie!
The room burst into laughter’s embrace,
And admiration grew for his comedic grace.

His Canadian wit, oh, what a delight,
Bringing laughter and joy, day and night.
With that revelation, our hearts did swell,
For in his jests, a story he did tell.

So let us cherish those moments of glee,
When laughter fills the air, so carefree.
For in the world of pranks and jests,
Our love and laughter are truly the best.

Me and Hubs before landscaping our front yard

And so it is with me and Hubs to this day,
Our love and laughter is here to stay!

Cheers to mutual weirdness and my ‘partner in grime’!

8 thoughts on “Dr. Seuss and Mutual Weirdness – A Love Story

  1. I love that photo of the two of you, Sara. Thanks for sharing your Seuss-like rhymes and your hubs enchanting tale. Ah, love. xx

    • Thanks Alys; that picture was right before we installed our front walkway! Many years ago but we’re still having fun!

  2. I love this story, Sara….there MAY be some of that going on around here, too!

    • I will join you in that toast! Laughter is the best medicine!

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