31 Christmas Craft Ideas for Adults

As the festive Christmas countdown quickly approaches, immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with these Christmas craft ideas for adults.

Christmas Craft Ideas for Adults

There’s one more weekend left before Christmas. If you’re anything like me, you’ll be doing something crafty this weekend before the visions of sugar plums dance in your head.

If you need some last minute Christmas ideas to inspire you, there’s still time to pick a decoration, festive recipe, or engage in one of these Christmas crafts. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, you’ll find something in this compilation of Christmas crafting ideas.

From some of our favourites here at Birdz of a Feather to simple, easy craft tutorials from our blogger friends, unleash your creativity with unique handmade stockings, Christmas trees adorned with homemade ornaments featuring orange segments and gingerbread men, and a front door embellished with a simple crafted wreath.

Too pressed for time for one more DIY? Pin these on your Pinterest Christmas board and revisit this list in July. There’s nothing like a head start on Christmas 🙂

So let’s get to it! 

Gift Giving

  1. We’re starting off our list with something you can make and also give as gift – our Crochet for a Cure e-book. As a matter of fact, all the proceeds go toward Alzheimer’s research so it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Crochet phone covers - an ebook with crochet christmas craft ideas for adults

Here’s one of the four Christmas crochet patterns you can make.

Crochet for a cure phone cover grinch

If you love to crochet – or know someone that does – stick around until near the end of this post for some free patterns!

  1. Don’t forget your furry friends at Christmas; make this DIY dog gift basket.

DIy dog gift basket

  1. Need a hostess gift? Our diy wine bag sews up fast using any reusable shopping bag! And add a pocket to pop in a gift card.

DIY wine bag with gift card in the pocket - christmas craft ideas for adults

Christmas Card Display

  1. Do you still get cards in the mail at Christmas? Make a grouping of these unique Christmas card holder displays! They also make the best conversation starter place settings around the Christmas table.

rolling pin card holder

Wall Decor

  1. Instead of just decorating the Christmas tree, go vertical and decorate your walls too! We have a few sleigh upcycles, starting with this Christmas sleigh decor.

Christmas sleight decor with elf and lighthouse on a shelf

  1. Our wooden sled decor is another one of our fun Christmas craft ideas for adults. Also, it will see you through those winter snow days after the holiday season!

wooden sled wall decor

Christmas Decorating with Poinsettias

  1. Beautify your home with this wooden planter box DIY. It never really feels like Christmas around here without a variety of gorgeous Poinsettias!

wooden planter box diy with red and green poinsettias

  1. There are so many ways to decorate for the holidays with Poinsettias, like this tongue ‘n cheek poinsettia Christmas decor.

poinsettia Christmas decor - christmas craft ideas for adults

  1. For a bigger poinsettia display, challenge yourself to upcycle an old sewing base into a tiered plant stand DIY. It’s sure to brighten up your Christmas home decor well past the holidays!

tiered plant stand diy is an upcycled sewing base with red and green poinsettias

  1. If you like the idea of a tiered plant stand, but don’t have the space, craft yourself a wooden shelf display. You can use it as a riser for potted poinsettias – or work it into your Christmas decor with an item(s) you want to stand out.

wooden shelf display with letter 'A' displayed on top

  1. Our milk can decor is another space saver to display a single poinsettia plant.

milk can decor with red poinsettia

  1. Maybe you just need something to set a plant on. In that case, check out our coffee table makeover using leftover flooring from our basement reno!

coffee table makeover made of left over flooring with Merry Xmas letters on edge

Hot Cocoa Station and Recipes

  1. After all these DIY projects, it’s time to think about relaxing with a hot cup of cocoa. But first, use that riser to set up a hot chocolate station.

Tray stencilled with Hot cocoa

  1. Then put this DIY hot cocoa bar sign on top, turn it on and invite your friends and family to partake in a hot cuppa!

Lit up hot cocoa sign

  1. Need a hot chocolate recipe fit for a crowd? Try this easy and rich crock pot hot chocolate from Rosemary at My Home and Travels!
mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows - christmas craft ideas for adults recipe

Photo Source: My Home and Travels

  1. Now for something to accompany your hot chocolate. However, what if you have to accomodate someone’s dietary needs? Whether you’re gluten-free or not, our gluten free gingerbread cookie recipe is sure to please!

gingerbread star shaped cookie with snowflake icing - christmas craft ideas for adults recipe

Christmas Advent Calendars

  1. If you’re reading this in late December, it might already be too late for our origami shirt advent calendar. If that’s the case, pin these on one of your Pinterest boards for next year (and follow us over on Pinterest for upcoming seasonal ideas and upcycles)!

paper origami shirts advent calendar displayed on sleigh wall decor - christmas craft ideas for adults

  1. Our washboard decor idea is part two of our advent calendar. It’s portable enough to put anywhere.

origiami shirts advent calendar displayed on washboard - christmas craft ideas for adults

Free Crochet Christmas DIYs

  1. Like we mentioned earlier, we have free handmade crochet Christmas crafts. Try out this free crochet Christmas tree pattern. Can you imagine a whole banner of these strung along the fireplace?

free crochet christmas tree pattern - two green christmas trees - christmas craft ideas for adults

  1. Or crochet this Christmas plant decor from a thrifted candle holder.

Christmas plant decor with green crochet rings shaped like a tree with air plants

  1. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to make i-cord, whip up our Christmas stocking DIY and use it as a wall hanger.

Christmas stocking wall hanging - crochet christmas craft ideas for adults

  1. Did you spot our needle felted elf on the shelf above? Try your hand at needle felting this coastal Christmas idea and stab away any holiday stress. I find needle felting so relaxing!

Needle felted elf on shelf beside light house

  1. Here’s another unique shelf sitter; our gnome DIY.

Gnome diy on shelf with light up hat

So what makes him so unique? His gnome hat lights up!

Gnome diy with light up hat in darkened room sitting on coffee table

Decorating Trees and Wreaths

  1. Truth be told, we don’t have room for a Christmas tree in our small house. So we make do with these glass mini blocks for an unconventional Christmas tree.

Colourful glass mini blocks stacked like a Christmas tree with air plants and gnome on top block

  1. If you DO have a Christmas tree, decorate the tree in style with these adorable hand painted wooden gingerbread boys from our friend Stephanie at Gathered in the Kitchen.
wooden gingerbread decoration on tree

Photo Source: Gathered in the Kitchen

  1. If you don’t want to get out the paints, paper ornaments are the way to go. This is actually an easy DIY make with materials you likely already have! Once you get going, you may want to make our DIY quilling tool too.

Quilled snowflake decoration on black background - christmas craft ideas for adults

  1. Even easier than quilling is a paper holiday ornament that’s personalized to you. Here we used our Birdz of a Feather logo, but get creative with wrapping or scrapbook paper!

Paper holiday ornament printed with Birdz of a Feather logo

  1. These cute DIY felt snowman ornamements are from our friend Kimberly at From Farmhouse to Florida.
diy felt snowman ornament - Christmas Craft Ideas for Adults

Photo Source: From Farmhouse to Florida

Wreath Ideas

  1. Need a simple Christmas wreath? Click over to Liberty at B4 and Afters.
closeup of wreath with golden pear and pine cone

Photo Source: B4 and Afters

  1. Our friend Rachel at Tea and Forget Me Nots is showing you how to make dehydrated orange sliced for decorations. Her snowmen and foxes are the most adorable and creative versions of orange slice decor I’ve seen! Not to mention, they must SMELL AMAZING!
Festive wreath with orange slice snowmen and foxes

Photo Source: Tea and Forget Me Nots

  1. Last, but not least, we’re going to leave you with this fun Christmas tradition my brother-in-law and sister-in-law started! Move over ugly Christmas sweaters! Throw an ugly Christmas sock party to get the creative – and competitive – juices flowing. It all starts with these ugly Christmas socks.

Ugly Christmas socks - Christmas Craft Ideas for Adults

Pin Christmas Craft Ideas for Adults

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Have a happy and joyous holiday season!

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