Crochet for a Cure eBook

We’re so excited to share this exciting news; our first Crochet for a Cure eBook! Actually our first eBook ever.

Crochet for a cure ebook

eBook: the Christmas Collection

It’s not as thick as this book cover generated picture would portray. But it’s full of great content; there are four easy and fun holiday patterns to try. And they’re all cute!

4 crochet phone covers in the Holiday Collection

It’s so convenient to have all the written instructions all in one handy document! Our mean Mr. Grinch is probably my favourite! What about you?

Santa runs a close second. You’ll find all the tricks and tips in the eBook for crocheting a perfectly straight vertical stripe. It’s something I searched high and low for and didn’t find until I figured it out myself (patterns like this tend to veer off!).

Santa cell phone cover is one pattern in Crochet for a Cure eBook

Santa cell phone cover

Crochet for a Cure

And I save the best for last. All the money we earn is donated to our Crochet for a Cure fundraiser to Alzheimer’s disease. So it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

Our fundraising efforts all started last year with this crochet pillow cover and it’s growing from there thanks to everyone who has supported the cause!

Crochet for a Cure logo

Our Crochet for a Cure logo

If you want all four of our holiday collection crochet phone case patterns to gift this holiday season, there’s only one way to get them (the mean Grinch and Santa are not on the blog).

4 crochet for a cure holiday edition patterns

Four fun and easy patterns to try!

Purchase our Crochet for a Cure eBook here where you’ll get every pattern to make (or gift the book itself to a crochet lover on your list)!:

We’ve got special pricing today, Black Friday through to Cyber Monday at 50% off, so get it while it’s on sale!

Also Available on Amazon Kindle

Our book is also available to purchase on Amazon Kindle and will soon be available in a print on demand format if you’d like to give a physical copy as a gift.

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pinnable image for crochet phone covers ebook

Crochet Phone Covers eBook

Have a wonderful and joyous holiday season ahead. Happy holidays from Birdz of a Feather!

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