Grinch Phone Case – Free Crochet Pattern

Our DIY Grinch phone case is the second in our series of Christmas phone cases! How the Grinch That Stole Christmas is such a heartwarming story, so that’s the character that inspired our second holiday crochet phone case. The happier, friendlier guy who hadn’t stopped Christmas from coming. The fellow who realizes “maybe Christmas doesn’t come from a store. Maybe Christmas … perhaps … means a little bit more!”

Our Mr. Grinch isn’t a mean one, no siree!

Crochet Grinch phone case beside bird decor

But wait, maybe he is! I couldn’t resist adapting our loopy Santa-inspired pattern into a meaner version of the DIY Grinch. I didn’t cut the loops on this one, but I’m tempted to make another one to experiment with the different textures.

2nd version of the grinch phone case using our previous loopy Santa-inspired pattern

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However, if you want to crochet this phone case right along with me, watch this video:

Mr. Grinch Singing Debut

If you watch to the end of the video, I make my singing debut! But don’t worry. I’ll definitely be keeping my day job 🤣🤣🤣!

IBC – Phone Decor Challenge

It’s time for another International Bloggers Club (IBC) challenge and this month our theme is Phone Decor.

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Supplies for DIY Grinch Phone Case

If you saw our crochet phone pouch on Thursday, this one is based on a very similar pattern. Although minus the loopy texture, it still mimics the Grinch’s fur like appearance, thanks to the addition of a scrubby yarn! But, If you prefer, you can always use our original crochet phone pouch with its loopy pattern and a green cotton worsted, then cut the loops for a textured look!

For this design, all you need is worsted weight yarn in red, green, orange, white and black, velour yarn in a creamy white, scrubby sparkly in a matching green colour and a 5 mm crochet hook.


  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • (..) = repeat the instructions in between brackets the given number of times

How to Make a Grinch Phone Case

Front of Grinch Phone Case

To start, crochet with worsted weight green. Start with a slip knot.

Using a 5.0 hook, chain enough to reach from side to side. The number of chains will depend on your gauge and size of phone. When you measure the chain, don’t stretch it. I did about 14 chains to start, but yours could be different. Be sure to measure against your cell phone before continuing (note that we’ll be adding more stitches in next steps).

Hands measuring the starting chain against a cell phone

Single crochet into each chain st. When you reach the last ch st, sc 3 times into the st. Continue onto other side of chain, working through the single loops, and make your way back on the other side of the chain until you reach the last st. SC 3 times in last st.

Bottom of Grinch crochet phone case

Now, add in the Scrubby yarn along with the green. Continue to single crochet with both yarns until the number of rows reaches the top of your own particular cell phone.

Cut both yarns, knot and hide the tail ends using a darning needle or crochet hook on the wrong side of work.

crochet hook working in the tail ends

Grinch Phone Case Face

Before continuing with the back, stitch on the elements of the face. It’s much easier to do it now, while you still have open access to the back. I free formed it using a combination of embroidery and crochet to make the face.

Use a running stitch initially for the mouth and nose.

Hands embroidering the nose and mouth of Grinch phone case

Then go back to whip stitch around the stitches to thicken up the line.

Stitching the mouth of the Grinch phone case

Instead, if you prefer, you can also cut felt and sew it on. Be as creative as you like. In my case, I only did one eye and eyebrow. That’s because the hat, which acts as a flap to close the case, covers the left half of the face. Like my friend Michelle says, it’s very Picasso like when the flap is up!

For the beard stubble, simply make knots in the yarn.

Making knots in black yarn for Grinch phone case face stubble

Grinch Eye and Eyebrow

crochet Grinch eye


While using orange, MC, sc 4, join and fasten off. Make eye then sew the iris onto the white of the eye.


Using white MC and ch 1. sc 5 times in centre. Tighten MC and join.

R1. sc, half dc, dc, dc.

R2. ch 1, turn. sc in next 4 sts. sc 2 into next three sts. sc into next 3 sts. Ch 1, and join.

Join black. leaving a long tail and tighten up white. Be sure to work in the tail ends of the white and black as you go, dropping the black (we’ll be pulling the black end in a step ahead).

dc into next st, hdc into next st, sc into next st.

ch 3, sl st back to beginning. (3 sl sts), sl st into next st, ch 3, sl st back to beginning (3 sl sts). This completes the eyelashes.

Sl st all the way around.

Chain stitching around eye with black yarn

When back to beginning, as you approach the corner, sc into the base of the black st, followed by another sc right beside it. Then sc into the next black st.  Ch 1, cut yarn, leaving a long tail to stitch the eye on and sl knot.

Here’s how the eye should look.

Pull on the black tail end to encourage the eye to curve. Sew on the pupil.

Hand pulling black yarn

Then stuff the back with all the tail ends.

Hands stuffing yarn ends into back of eye Position Grinch eye onto front with the eye slanting upward.  Then sew onto face through black chain sts.

Finished Grinch phone case against green background


ch 12. sl st into the next three sts.

ch 2. Sl st into next st. Sl st into original st. Sl st into next two sts.

Ch 2. Sl st into next st. Sl st into original st and continue sl st to end, which should be 5 sl st.

Then Ch 4. Sl st into next 3 st back along chain to where your tail end is and join with a sl st.

Grinch phone case eyebrow

Cut yarn leaving a long tail, knot and sew onto face. Ignore that the hat is complete in this picture (that comes later).

Hands positioning Grinch phone case eyebrow on front

Back of Grinch Phone Case

Now, reattach only the green worsted weight yarn at the bottom.

Continue across with sc. When you reach the side, sl st into two loops on the side, turn around and continue with sc back the other way. Again, sl st into two loops on the side. Turn around and work your way back.

Hands crocheting bottom of Grinch phone case

Check the fit of the phone as you go.

Phone in Grinch phone case

By capturing the yarn on the side, it will close up the crochet Grinch phone case!

Back of Grinch phone case, 2/3 done

Continue on in that manner until the green is a few rows short from fully enclosing the crochet phone pouch in the back.

DIY Grinch Hat

Cream Brim

A few rows from the top, join the cream colour.

Adding cream yarn near top of back

Continue sc and incorporating sts at side until you reach the top. Ch 1 and turn.

Then go as many rows beyond the top as you just did with the cream colour on the back to form the band of the hat. On the last sc, you should end with the back facing you on the left side.

To check, when you fold back, you should be even with the white rows you completed on the back.

Now, before you complete the last sc on the back left hand side, change colour to red by bringing it through the two loops on the hook.

Ch 1 and turn.

Hide the red tail end and proceed as follows:

(1. sc across the row, ch 1 and turn.

2. sc across row. Stop short of last st, turn.)

By repeating the above two rows, you’ll be decreasing on one side and not the other.

Green, cream and red yarn, back of Grinch phone case

Continue these two rows until eventually you decrease down to one st as you see below.

Hand holding red hat/flap on front of Grinch phone case

Once decreases are done, you might find it easier to change to a smaller crochet hook to finish the side.

Ch 1 and sc down the edge to neaten it. Be sure you’re capturing two loops on the side as you crochet into the sts on the edge of the hat. Cut yarn and knot, weave in to hide end.

Hands pointing to single crochet on edge of hat/flap

Make Pom Pom

Watch the video for instructions on crocheting the pom pom.

R 1. Make a magic circle and ch 1. sc 8 and join.

R 2. ch 1, sc 8 and join

R 3. inv decr sc, sc, inv decr sc, sc, inv decr sc, join

Stuff the pom pom using same yarn or fibre fill, hiding the yarn end. 

Cut a long tail. Using a tapestry needle weave in and out of the top sts and pull tight to close the opening.

Attach the pom pom to the end of the hat, knot and hide the end. 

Stitching on the pom pom to bottom of hat/flap

Add a red button to close the flap/hat, if desired, choosing one small enough to go through the stitches.

Hand holding red button in front of Grinch phone case

And with that, our second holiday cell phone case is done!

Finished Grinch phone case bird decor

Here’s a comparison of our happy vs. mean grinch:

If you want to make the loopy crochet pouch, you can follow this previous video tutorial and swap out the colours of yarn.

However, I did do the eye of this second version of the Grinch very differently, so if you want the pattern and actual video tutorial specifically for this style, visit our Ribblr shop for the ePattern (it’s on sale until the holiday). Or see our special offer below.

DIY Grinch phonecase

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26 thoughts on “Grinch Phone Case – Free Crochet Pattern

  1. I looooooooove the Grinch. He’s one of my all time favorite characters so this phone case had me smiling all the way, Sara. He would be a permanent fixture on my phone once I get the crochet thing right.

    P.S. You singing was awesome too. I wouldn’t even have attempted that. Our fur babies run and hide every time I let lose 😀

    • Thanks Michelle! Luckily I don’t have fur babies to rattle; it took me a few attempts 🤣🤣🤣. What size is your phone? I can send you the loopy one if you like until you learn to crochet!

  2. Your phone cases are the cutest ever! I have not crocheted for over 30 years but these make me want to pull my old crochet needles out! If only I had the time! Pinning them now!

    • Aw, that’s such a nice compliment Donna; hope you find some time 🙂

  3. Sara these are just the cutest phone case ever. I think they would also look great on the christmas table to hold the cutlery. Awesome job.

  4. Sara, I’m always in awe of your creative crochet talents and ideas. Come on, these are the cutest phone cases EVER! I love your Santa one too. As usual, you rocked the phone decor challenge!

    • Thanks SO much Marie! That means a lot coming from a fellow crocheter 🙂

  5. These are super cute! What a great detailed pattern too, thanks for sharing with us at Handmade Monday 🙂

  6. The phone pocket is amazing, and your instruction are easy to understand. great project.

  7. That is darling! What an amazing design. Pinning. 🙂 Visiting from Unlimited Link Party at Grammy’s Grid.

  8. That is so seriously cute! I can only crochet in straight lines, so our house is full of blankets. This is a great pattern to help me branch out! Sim x #UnlimitedLInkyParty

    • It really isn’t too hard at all Sim; if you know the basics, you can do it!

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