Crochet Phone Pouch – Santa Inspired!

Our crochet phone pouch features a fun loopy texture to protect your cell phone during the holiday season!

It’s hard to find a cell phone cover when you already have a silicone jacket protecting it, like I do. I wanted something to carry it in, and the only way to do that is to make it yourself!

And the best part? Our pattern is easy to adapt to whatever size cell phone you own!

two different sizes of crochet phone pouch, side by side

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However, if you want to crochet this phone case right along with me, watch this video:

It’s time for another Creative Craft blog hop! So if you are visiting from Jenna at The Painted Apron, welcome! Weren’t her holiday gift buckets festive? At the very bottom of this post, I’ll be directing you to the next stop on this venture. But don’t forget to check out the other stops too because you’ll find plenty more ideas. Be sure to drop back in throughout the week to visit them all!

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Supplies for Crochet Phone Pouch

All you need is red worsted weight yarn, velour yarn in a creamy white, and a 5 mm crochet hook.

red and white yarn, crochet hook and cell phone for crochet phone pouch


  • ch = chain
  • st = stitch
  • sc = single crochet
  • ls = loop stitch
  • sl st = slip stitch
  • (..) = repeat the instructions in between brackets the given number of times

How to Make a Crochet Phone Pouch

Crochet with yarn in red colour. Start with a slip knot.

Using a 5.0 hook, chain enough to reach from side to side. The number of chains will depend on your gauge and size of phone. When you measure the chain, don’t stretch it. I did about 14 chains to start, but yours could be different. Be sure to measure against your cell phone before continuing (note that we’ll be adding more stitches in next steps).

Hands measuring the chain to start crochet phone pouch

Single crochet into each chain st. When you reach the last ch st, sc 3 times into the st. Continue onto other side of chain, working through the single loops, and make your way back on the other side of the chain until you reach the last st. SC 3 times in last st.

However, before you complete the last sc, change colour to white. Be sure to leave the red attached; we’ll be picking that back up later to complete the back of the crochet phone pouch.

bottom of red crochet phone pouch with strand of white yarn about to be added

Loop Stitch (repeat two rows)

Crochet with white. (sc 13 sts. ch 1, turn.

Loop st for 13 sts. Ch 1 turn).

These two rows form the loop stitch. Here’s how it will start to look after the first two rows of white.

close up of loop stitch

The red will wrap around the bottom and the white loops will form the front of the crochet phone pouch.

beginning of crochet phone pouch fitted onto cell phone

Fit as You Go

Repeat previous two rows (between the brackets above) until you reach the top of your own particular cell phone as shown.

front of crochet phone pouch complete showing loopy texture

Pick up red yarn where you left off. Pull up a loop in red through the white sts and sc 14 sts. Pick up a white loop at side and sl st.

starting on back of crochet phone pouch, incorporating stitch on side

Turn around and work your way back. sc across all red sts, sl st through white loop at side, turn and make your way back again with sc in every st.

By capturing the white yarn on the side, it will start to form the crochet phone pouch!

Pouch starting to form on back of work

Continue on in that manner until the red is fully enclosing the crochet phone pouch in the back.

cell phone in crochet pouch with one third of red yarn complete

Here’s how the back will look when complete.


The hat is just a continuation of the back.

1. SC 14 sts. Turn.

2. SC 14 sts. Ch 1 turn.

3. SC 13 st, (stopping short of last st), Turn

4. SC 12 st. Ch 1 turn

5. SC 11 st, (stopping short of last st), Turn

6. SC 10 st. Ch 1 turn

7. SC 9 st, (stopping short of last st), Turn

8. SC 8 st. Ch 1 turn

9. SC 7 st, (stopping short of last st), Turn

10. SC 6 st. Ch 1 turn

11. SC 5 st, (stopping short of last st), Turn

12 SC 4 st. Ch 1 turn

13. SC 3 st, (stopping short of last st), Turn

14. SC 2 st. Ch 1 turn

15. SC 1

Now SC 14 sts along the slanted edge to neaten it. Cut yarn and knot. Work in end.

If you like, you can also SC along the other edge too (I didn’t in this instance).

Crochet Phone Pouch Button

Stitch on a button to keep the flap closed. Choose a red button if you want to camouflage it in the yarn.

The trick to keeping buttons from falling off is to leave slack to form a shank. Then wind the yarn around the shank to stiffen it. Bring yarn to back and knot, hiding the tail.

The single crochet is loose enough that you can pop the button through to close the flap/hat. Now, to complete, make a pom pom for the end of the hat.

front of pouch showing 'hat' closure buttoned up

Make Pom Pom

For one version I use a serving fork to form the pom pom. You’ll see that technique in Monday’s project!

cutting a pom pom

Watch the video to see how I crochet a pom pom for this crochet phone pouch.

crochet pom pom with tapestry needle in tail end

A crochet pom pom is much more practical for this particular yarn because it tends to shed when cut!

Hand holding pom pom on crochet phone pouch

Tie the pom pom onto the tip of the hat. On the smaller version, I fastened it on in such a way that it hides the button.

finished crochet phone pouch sitting on table

Just slip your phone in and you’re done!

Don’t forget that this Santa inspired ePattern and all the ePatterns in our Ribblr shop are on sale until the holidays! Or see our special offer below.

crochet phone pouch displayed with festive bird decor

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  1. How cute! My grandmother taught me to crochet years ago. I may just have to give these a try. Thanks for sharing such a fun project.

    • They really are fun; I can’t stop creating new versions lol!

  2. Sara, these are just adorable and I especially love the Grinch pouch! Thanks again for hosting. Wishing you a blessed holiday season! Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    • Thanks so much Cecliia; just finishing off the Grinch now :). I wish you a blessed holiday season too!

  3. If this isn’t the cutest handmade crochet phone pouch ever! You are so creative and talented, Sara! I’m sorry I never picked up how to crochet. My MIL tried her best to teach me, but I just resisted. After seeing so many wonderful creations – especially yours, I wished I had!

    • It’s never too late to learn Gail :). There’s lots of great beginner YouTube tutorials.

  4. This is absolutely adorable Sara!!! I am Team Santa, but your Grinch is super cute too! I love to crochet, what a fun project, and thank you for the detailed tutorial, I just might have to do this 🎅🏻 Thanks so much for hosting this fun hop!

    • Thanks Jenna! Hope you’ll give one of these a try; the Santa with the belt comes out on Monday!

    • Thanks Terrie! You’ll find they crochet up really fast. Hope you have fun making these 🙂

  5. Oh my goodness, these are so cute! It looks like something even I can crochet. Love the Grinch too. Pinned!

    • Thanks Niki! It’s pretty simple but watch the video if you get stuck 🙂

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