Christmas Plant Decor

While Poinsettias are the most popular plant at Christmas (as evidenced by our Poinsettia Christmas Decor, Wooden Planter Box DIY and this tiered plant stand DIY), don’t ignore your air plants when planning your Christmas plant decor

Some of our air plants are residing quite happily on glass mini blocks: an unconventional Christmas tree this holiday season. Others are on this unique air plant holder.

But there’s always room for one more air plant holder – especially around Christmas. Thinking I was done Christmas crafting, this thrift store candle holder was just begging to be something else.

Do you see it too?

Candle holder being used for christmas plant decor

Watch this video to see it all come together:

Now, you can very well paint this green to change the colour. But it’s waaaaaay below zero and freezing cold outside. So we won’t be braving the cold to spray paint. However, my cone of green yarn was still sitting out on these upcycled kitchen cabinets after making this free crochet Christmas tree pattern. Perfect!

Spool of green yarn

If there was an MVP award for thrift store finds, this cone of yarn would win it hands down. Or rather crochet hook up! It’s made its fair share of green crochet projects and there’s still a ton of yarn left!

Start Crocheting!

All you need to do is single crochet around each ring. It’s a bit tricky to manouver the hook around the metal but you’ll get the hang of it! I start right at the corner.

Hand crocheting green yarn onto rings of christmas plant decor

For only the corner sections, instead of working in the ends right away, the looped them over these metal curlicues. That’s just in case I ever decide to use this candle holder for another project; it will be easy to find the end to remove the crochet. I haven’t even completed this project and my crafty mind is already thinking about other ideas :).

Closeup of crocheted ring

For the rest of the rings, save yourself some time and work in the tail end as you crochet around the metal.

Crocheting ends of christmas plant decor

As you approach a join in rings, slip stitch into a single crochet directly across to attach them together (assuming you’re far enough along that there’s crochet around the other ring too)!!

Once all the rings are crocheted, you’ll need to hide the other ends.

Complete christmas plant decor before adding plants

Christmas air plant holder

Use a wide eye blunt needle to hide the remaining ends on the back.

hand holding large eyed needle in front of christmas plant decor project

Now, grab your air plants and start filling in those gaps! Work a few of the spokes through the ring to catch them when the candle holder, now Christmas tree, is vertical.

Hand adding air plant to christmas plant decor

Our new air plant holder is the ‘star’ of the show! The air plants are easily removable to give them a soak throughout the holiday season (here are 10 things you may not know about air plants).

I love the verticality of this display and also that light can reach the air plants from all around. So we’ll likely leave it out all year (minus our signature Christmas bird and vintage ruler star).

Complete christmas plant decor on display with air plants, vintage yellow ruler formed into star and bird decor

Air plant Christmas tree

Want more holiday inspiration? Check out these 31 Christmas Craft Ideas for Adults! Or check out these amazing upcycled planters for ALL our planter ideas!

Crochet for a Cure

By the way, when you are doing your Christmas planning, we’ve written two Crochet for a Cure eBooks with proceeds going to Alzheimer’s that are perfect for gift giving. You’ll find both eBooks here (in some markets they’re available in hard copy format too)!

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  1. That’s so creative Sara! I’ve been laying low this month and off the computer, but it looks like you’ve been leaning into crocheting! I really need to learn how, my daughter is a master at it. Maybe I’ll ask her for lessons!

    • I find crochet so relaxing and a nice reprieve from bigger projects!! Its so interesting that your daughter crochets; how did she learn?

  2. I love the way your mind works, Sara. This is such a creative idea and definitely worth keeping up all year around.

  3. What a wonderfully unique idea! I must admit I am a HUGE thrift store shopper. I go every week to our MCC Thrift Store in New Hamburg. It has amazing items and at such affordable prices. Thank you for linking up at our weekly Link Party! You are being featured at our Wednesday
    Party #483 this week. Here’s the direct link to the post in case you’d like to share your feature:
    Hope to see you again next week! Rhondda

    • Thank you so much Rhondda for the feature! We found this out of town; thrifting is so much more affordable when we’re off the beaten path!

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