Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern

Use this free crochet Christmas tree pattern to create a banner or tree ornaments. Leave them plain or raid your craft stash to joush them up! 

These easy Christmas trees crochet up so fast with that you can even get them done last minute. Use any yarn you have. String them together or use them as individual ornaments.

While writing and publishing our first two Crochet for a Cure eBooks, I was feeling sentimental and missing my mom and mother-in-law. So when I made these crochet Christmas trees, I decorated them with buttons and sequins etc. that belonged to them. Incorporating findings like that make them individual and special!

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‘Tis the season and today we’re joining with a group of friends to share Holiday ideas! From recipes to decorating ideas to tablescapes and more, you’re sure to find inspiration for your holiday celebration!

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Learn to Crochet

Think you can’t learn to crochet? Here’s an article on 10 Famous Crocheters that may surprise you! If they can do it, you can too!

If you don’t know how to crochet, but have always wanted to learn, check out our Crochet for a Cure eBook – Beginner Crochet: Learn the Basic Stitches. The only stitch you need to know for this pattern is single crochet; there are QR codes included that link to videos to follow along as you learn.


  • sc = single crochet
  • inv decr = invisible decrease
  • st = stitch
  • ch = chain

Invisible decrease: insert through back loop of next two sts, pull up loop and complete sc.


[If you’re looking for some of the things we used, we’ve got you covered (disclosure): Clicking on the affiliate links below means we may receive a commission. We earn from qualifying purchases which we proudly donate to Alzheimer’s research. But don’t worry, you don’t pay a cent more! Thanks for helping to support our fundraiser!]

By the way, I just love adding a santa hat to our watermark logo this time of year; so fun!😉

Mini yarns and crochet hook, plus plain and finished Crochet Christmas Trees

Crochet Along: Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern!

Watch this video to crochet along or read on for the written pattern!

I like to sew on star or snowflake-shaped buttons to finish the top, but you can also chain 5 and make a loop to hang these instead.

free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern in green yarn

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern

It doesn’t really matter what size hook you use; just be sure that it suits the yarn you choose.

Crochet with green.

By the way, be sure to learn the invisible decrease beginning with the second row (watch the video). I find a regular decrease results in holes like you see below.

R1. Ch 15, sc 6, dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 6. ch 1 turn

R2. Sc 5, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 6. Ch 1 turn.

R3. Sc 5, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 5. Ch 1 turn.

R4. Sc 4, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 5. Ch 1 turn.

R5. Sc 4, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 4. Ch 1 turn.

R6. Sc 3, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 4. Ch 1 turn.

R7. Sc 3, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 3. Ch 1 turn.

R8. Sc 2, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 3, Ch 1 turn.

R9. Sc 2, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 2, Ch 1 turn.

R10. Sc 1, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 2, Ch 1 turn.

R11. Sc 1, dec 1 next 2 sts, inv dec 1 next 2 sts, sc 1, Ch 1 turn.

R12. Inv decr, sc 1, ch 1 turn.

R13. Inv decr. Cut yarn and weave in all ends.

Tree Trunk

Crochet with brown for trunk. Again, I’m using the mini yarn, but use whatever you have.

  1. Attach yarn to 6th st and ch. sc 3, ch 1 turn.
  2. sc 3, ch1 turn
  3. sc 3, fasten off and weave in ends.

Bobble Ornaments

Crochet the ornaments with various colours of mini yarn. Leave ends long to attach to tree.

  1. mc, ch 1, sc 6, join.
  2. ch 1, sc 6 join
  3. ch 1, decr 1, sc, dec 1, sc.

Stuff. Then thread the end of the yarn tail. Weave around remaining sts and tighten yarn to close. Use a crochet hook to bring the tail ends to the back (using two different spots, side-by-side) and tie an overhand knot on the wrong side to secure.

tying on the bobble to the Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern

Hide ends. Front of Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern with one yellow crochet bobble ornament

Repeat with other colours.

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern adorned with crochet bobbles

Sew on a star, or any button, at the top to hang. Get creative with what you already have to decorate or leave them as is. Below, I’m using gold sequins with a vintage gold hanger and buttons with a snowflake topper.

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern; one adorned with gold sequins, the other with star buttons

These two have crochet bobble ornaments and rick rack.

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern; one with red rick rack, the other with colourful bobbles

Lastly, string your crochet Christmas trees with sisal and use to adorn anything, like this vintage printer’s drawer.

Free Crochet Christmas Tree Pattern strung together and displayed in a printers tray

Crochet for a Cure

I started crocheting again with purpose when both our moms passed away from Alzheimer’s within months of each other. 100% of proceeds from the sale of our Crochet for a Cure eBooks is donated to fund research for Alzheimer’s disease. 💜

Crochet for a Cure logo

Our Crochet for a Cure logo

You saw our Beginner Crochet book at the top of this post. Our Crochet Phone Covers e-book has these four holiday collection patterns. In certain locations, you can even purchase these books in hard copy. The books make great Christmas gifts – whether in hard copy or electronic format! Or buy it now for yourself; there’s still time to crochet these for the holidays!

4 crochet for a cure holiday edition patterns

Four fun and easy patterns to try!

You’ll find Crochet Phone Covers here.

And since there’s still just plenty of time to decorate before Christmas, go check out these Christmas Decor Ideas. Or these 31 Christmas Craft Ideas for Adults!

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  1. Is there anything you can’t make with a crochet hook? I must say following your patterns on youtube have improved my crochet skills a lot. I’m slowly getting the hang of it.

    • I’m so happy to hear it has helped you Michelle! I wouldn’t be surprised if before long you post crochet projects on the blog!😉

  2. Sara, your trees are just darling! I think I really need to learn how to crochet already so I can take advantage of all the pretty patterns you share!

    • Watch the video Kim; it really is easy and anyone can learn how!

    • Thanks Linda; it is so nice to hear that your daughters can crochet!

  3. I love that you used some of your mum’s and mother-in-law’s things to decorate these, that makes them so special.

    • They sure are Rachel; I smile every time I look at these!

  4. Wow your crocheting skills are amazing – like absolutely perfect. I don’t know how to crochet at all but these ornaments are just the sweetest!

    • Aw, thanks so much Crystal; I had the best teachers in my mom and grandmother!

  5. These crochet trees are the cutest! I have not picked up a crochet needle since I was in high school, but this makes we want to try it again! I wonder if crocheting is like riding a bike??? Have a lovely day!

    • It sure is Donna; just like riding a bike! Watch the video, and it will all come back to you!

  6. Growing up my mom always delighted in all things handmade and because of her I do as well. Although I never had the patience for projects like this I love seeing them and appreciate your talents! Thankfully my daughter, like my mom, loves creating them as well.

    • So nice that the DIY talent continues to run in your family!

    • Thanks Carol! You more than make up for it with your other DIY skills 🙂

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    • So glad you liked it Beth! Thanks so much for stopping by – and for following us and pinning!!

  8. This is fab!!! Thanks for the pattern. I love the tree with the gold sequins

    • You’re welcome Natasha! I love the glam of that one too!

  9. Your Crochet Christmas Tree Garland looks fabulous! I love that you can make this with scrap yarns and bits and bobs you have about. It makes it a very crafty DIY project! Thank you for linking up at our weekly Link Party! You are being featured at our Wednesday
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