How to Print on Canvas – with a Home Printer!

I’m back with another project in the Inspire series, but this time it’s an idea for cubicle wall art. I’ll show you how to print on canvas with a home printer! We spend 57% of our waking time working, so why not surround ourselves with artwork to make that time more enjoyable? Continue reading

Paint Chip Art – DIY Paint Chip Portrait

This paint chip art is the result of a huge collection of old paint chips and defunct paint decks that Hubs amasses as a painter. I also have a growing collection from years of renovating and flipping houses. And ‘peachy’ colours I pored over to decorate my bedroom while I was still living at home! Let’s not mention my sponge painting phase!

Curious to see what one could do to recycle paint chips, I did a Pinterest search. I came across paint chip portraits done completely with paint chips. Such a novel idea! What better way to celebrate Hubs than to turn his likeness into paint swatch art? Continue reading