Shot Glasses DIY – Glam for the Holidays!

This shot glasses DIY is a case of thinking outside the box. An entire box of one dozen to be exact! I was so excited when Hubs found an entire box of shot glasses in the garbage. But he was going to donate them because they had a branded logo printed on them. Consequently, he didn’t think I could do anything with them. Boy was he wrong! And given the time of year, of course I found a way to make them look festive for the season! Continue reading

Stained Glass Decor – Winding Staircase Niche

Stained glass decor totally transforms the awkward niche in the corner of our winding staircase. Since Canadian winters are way too long, I found a way to enjoy my pond all year long – by making one in glass. After installing it in the corner of our winding staircase, it became in indoor oasis! Today, I’m showing you some of the details on how I did it so you can add some ‘curb appeal’ to your winding staircase too! Continue reading