DIY Jewelry Display in a Few Easy Steps!

This DIY jewelry display will organize the clutter if you have a lot of costume jewelry. But the best part about making this particular jewelry display (other than upcycling a scrap of pegboard)? It will keep all your necklaces and earrings together in one spot! Making this free standing display ensures no more searching for the matching earrings stored separately! Continue reading

CO Detector Wall Safe: Hidden in Plain Sight!

Our CO detector wall safe is a great way to hide your valuable in plain sight!

In addition to turning back the clock an hour during daylight saving time, it’s a great time to change the batteries on your smoke alarms. And of course check to see if the carbon monoxide detectors need to be replaced! Since our CO detector was getting close to 10 years old, we replaced it with a new one. But what to do with the old? Continue reading

Jewelry Storage DIY – Keeping it Tarnish Free

This cabinet upcycle turned into the most amazing jewelry storage DIY because I found a way to keep my bling tarnish free! What’s not to love about tarnish free jewelry?

If we find something in the garbage that inspires us (or even just challenges our common sense to leave it there), we don’t hesitate to try to find another use for it. The worst that can happen is that the project is an epic fail that ends up back in the garage again. But we won’t let that happen on our watch! Continue reading