Wooden Air Plant Holder (Valentines Day)

Keep your eyes peeled at the thrift store in the wood section for a little box that can become a wooden air plant holder. With just a few materials, it’s one of the quickest DIYs to green your indoor space!

This wooden box caught my eye because of the swing out feature of the lid. However, ‘C’ is one of Hubs’ initials.

wooden heart shaped box that becomes the wooden air plant holder

And with Valentines Day coming up (and this price tag) the heart shape was a no brainer. Perfect!

Back of wooden heart shaped box showing price sticker from Value Village

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It’s time for another Creative Craft blog hop! So if you are visiting from Carol at Blue Sky at Home, welcome! At the very bottom of this post, I’ll be directing you to the next stop on this venture. But don’t forget to check out the other stops too because you’ll find plenty more Valentines Day ideas. Be sure to drop back in throughout the week to visit them all!

Materials for Wooden Air Plant Holder DIY

Materials for wooden air plant holder: marker, wooden box, air plants, chicken wire, needle nose pliers

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Around here we love air plants! So we’ve created unique ways of displaying them like these air plant pods, wooden wall art diyair plant holder diy, a golf-theme crochet plant hanger, cement planter molds,  how to make a cement planter, spray paint chrome toaster upcycle and cement planter DIY.

Wire Form

You’ve probably seen plenty of wire air plant holders on Pinterest. In contrast, this one starts with a piece of chicken wire.

Measure a piece of wire twice the size of the inside opening of the box.

piece of cut chicken wire for wooden air plant holder

Mine is about 6″.

 A ruler to measure chicken wire for wooden air plant holder

Bending the chicken wire under, form it into a heart shape.

chicken wire bent into heart shape for wooden air plant holder

Lay it over the box and use the marker to mark where it still needs to be bent. You want it to fit inside the box.

Fitting the chicken wire into the wooden box for wooden air plant holder

Use the needle nose pliers to safely fold back any sharp wires sticking out.

Heart shaped chicken wire beside the wooden box for wooden air plant holder

The finished wire heart should have depth so it sticks up out of the wooden air plant holder.

Hand holding heart shaped chicken wire

Fill with Air Plants

Carefully wedge it into the box so you don’t lose the shape.

Notably, here’s how it should look from the side. See? It sticks up well above the box.

Side view of chicken wire in the box

Flowers often have those little gadgets called a ‘frog’ to help with flower arranging to keep them in place. This is my version of the same thing for air plants!

Fill your air plants up by placing them into all the spaces in the chicken wire heart. Because of the way the heart is shaped, you’ll not only get height but can fill in around the side to hide the wire frame!

Flowers are a gift of love, however I don’t know a single woman who’s ever given her husband flowers on Valentines Day. But an air plant arrangement for his office? I think something like that can show you care just as much!

To add a pop of colour, I added some purple sprigs in a piece of sea glass. I know a certain blogger that will love the ‘purple hues’!

Besides, if your husband doesn’t happen to have the initial ‘C’, this is also a creative way to hide it. The C acts like a cradle.

Display your wooden air plant holder on a flat surface – or you can even add a hook and hang it on a wall (if you glue the faux flowers in place).

wooden air plant holder with air plants and faux purple flowers

I just love crafting with air plants because for some reason, they just bring out the best creative ideas in me! If you love air plants too, check out these other air plant decor ideas!

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pinnable image for wooden air plant holder

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22 thoughts on “Wooden Air Plant Holder (Valentines Day)

  1. Wow! This is so creative – I have a heart box with a swing lid just like that one. No C on my lid but what a great idea to make it a planter. Especially and air plant that needs very little care. Such a great idea! Definitely giving this a try.

    • What are the chances that you’d have a similar box? I really love creating with air plants; they really are low maintenance.

    • Thanks Terrie! Chicken wire is a great structure to hold air plants!

  2. Sara, this is such a creative idea! I love the contrast of wood and greenery and I like the chicken wire heart on its own, too! Thanks for hosting–pinning!

    • It’s always a pleasure to host and it’s great seeing all your creative ideas. I always learn something new – love this group!

  3. Great find, Sara, and I love how you repurposed it. I’m sure your hubby loves it!

    • Thanks Ann! It’s fun to give him something nature-inspired for Valentines.

  4. Sara, this is certainly a pretty way to add plants to your home using a lovely thrift store find. Air plants are quite trendy these days – especially since you can put them in and on just about anything with low maintenance, too! And I love your addition of purple flowers to enhance the look, too!

    • Thanks Gail; knew you’d like those purple flowers – I thought of you when I added them lol!

  5. So pretty Sara! I love the heart box you found and it is so perfect for your air plants. I love the way you styled it with the open lid holding additional purple flowers, super creative! Using chicken wire was brilliant, that is handy stuff! Thanks so much for hosting our hop~

    • You’re welcome Jenna! Chicken wire certainly came in handy for this 🙂

  6. You always come up with the best ideas for air plants, Sara. Your husband must be thrilled with his monogrammed Valentine’s gift!

  7. Sara, what an interesting way to reuse a box. The wood Valentine box was cute on its own but you gave it a purpose. Very clever way to create a plant container. Thank you for hosting this month.

    • It was a great find; some projects are just meant to be 🙂

  8. This is such a clever idea. I love succulents. Maybe it’s because I kill everything else, ha. This is an inspiring post. I’m thinking of all the containers I have that could be turned into planters using your tutorial! I’d love to have you come share on our link parties at LifeasaLEOWife.com. I know our readers would love this too. If you ever want a new blog hop member, let me know. I’d love to join you!
    Niki ~ Life as a LEO Wife

    • Thanks Niki! We have another hop coming up in a week. If you could please forward your e-mail address I can send you info (don’t worry, it won’t be published) 🙂

  9. Love this idea Sara. My step-mom has a huge collection of extremely rare air plants and I’m on a mission to help her find new and creative ways of displaying them. This is goin to go on top of the list.

    • That’s awesome! I would love to see some of those rare plants! Have you ever shown them on the blog?

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