Solid Fence Screen

A solid fence screen is sometimes all it takes to keep the peace. You know the proverb: the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! ¬†Well, our house in the burbs has a wooden fence that surrounds it. It’s great that it defines the boundaries, but it’s not so great for privacy. As you can see by the picture below, we have a distracting view of our neighbour’s pool in the back yard. No grass – just a cool, refreshing, inviting pool that we don’t have access to ūüôā As if the sightline isn’t bad enough,¬†noise transference is an issue too. Continue reading

DIY Indoor Water Fountain – Paint Can Floating Tap

Hubs always wanted to create a DIY indoor water fountain. Specifically one of those floating water features where the tap is magically suspended above a watering can. He bought¬†some of the supplies, but that’s as far as he got. When I stumbled on his stash, I decided to order a pump so I could make it for him. Continue reading

Muskoka Chair Challenge at Ontario Science Centre

Who doesn’t love a good throw down? Several year ago we had the opportunity to take part in the Ontario Science Centre (OSC)¬†Muskoka chair challenge (or Adirondack chair as our neighbours to the south call it)! ¬†The¬†objective: to create a unique Muskoka chair that would appeal to OSC visitors during the summer months. Continue reading

Backyard Pond DIY – Add Zen with a Water Feature

A backyard pond DIY is the ultimate in tranquility.

If you read our previous post on how to create a small water feature to add curb appeal to your front garden, you’ll know that we were just warming up. For our next pond, we’re building a zen water feature! That first little pond in the front was just a practice run for this bigger one we built in our backyard: Continue reading

Dry Creek Bed: Low Maintenance Gardening (Part 1)

A dry creek bed is our first phase of our low maintenance garden project. After finishing the patio in our backyard, we were left with a lonely patch of grass in the back corner. It didn’t really make sense to get out a lawn mower every week to mow such a small area; not to mention how awkward it would be to maneuver it past our patio set! More importantly, not using electricity to cut the grass Рor water to keep it green Рis the sustainable way to go! Continue reading

Slugs on Hostas? Holey Hosta Batman!

Want to get rid of slugs on hostas? Read on to find out how to use copper blocker!

This post kicks off a 3-part series on low-maintenance/sustainable gardening. The side of our house doesn’t get a lot of sun, so we planted shade tolerant hostas and ground cover to fill in that area and crowd out weeds and aid in water conservation. The hostas have filled in beautifully over the years, but by mid summer they are all torn to shreds and have more holes than swiss cheese. Continue reading