Top 10 Paint Projects of the Year

If there was only one way to sum up our creativity this year, it’s that we really embraced paint as these top 10 paint projects of the year attest! If you’ve never picked up a paint brush before, or you want to explore more like us, maybe next year is your year-of-paint and you’ll find inspiration in these projects!

After driving hundreds of miles to pick up a sewing machine for Hub’s burgeoning hobby,  I couldn’t resist this vintage swivel mirror too. We coined this mirror makeover DIY the ‘Mullet Mirror’. Because it’s business in the front…

Swivel Mirror - 1st top 10 paint projects of the year

…and party in the back! A swivel mirror provides a perfect opportunity to have form and function in one piece! When you tire of looking at the mirror (although I know some people who never tire of their reflection), turn it around and it becomes a piece of art, with the addition of a transfer!

Back of swivel mirror showing magnolia transfer

After spending a great deal of time cleaning out our respective mom’s estates this year, an emotionally challenging task, I couldn’t let these end tables go. Transforming some of our moms’ old pieces eased the pain of the losses and was somehow therapeutic. Interestingly, there are tons of books written about the the physiological effects of colour!

Mom’s tables took on a bright, cheerful new look with this retro peacock furniture transfer and my favourite colour of silk paint. Green has been my favourite colour since I was a child! Do you have a favourite paint colour that has stuck with you?

End tables with retro peacock transfer on top - 2nd top 10 paint projects of the year

Sewing Machine Tables

Of course, with all Hubs’ machines, we have an abundance of sewing tables.

This koi scene was my favourite furniture upcycle because I proved to myself that everyone has an artistic side. And hand painting a piece of furniture is surprisingly easy to accomplish. Just start small on a door like this. If you want to start even smaller, try Terra Clay Paint on something like the tiki wall decor you see hanging here.

Hand painted koi on face of blue sewing table - 3rd top 10 paint projects of the year

But if you’re not up to free style painting, try a stencil for equally striking results! We showed you all the tips and trick on how to stencil without bleed. This post (and the video) is a wealth of information if you ever want to stencil a piece of furniture.

Mudcloth stencil on sewing table top - 4th top 10 paint projects of the year

Mudcloth Stencil

Mid Century Modern

Another piece we found in mom’s basement is this MCM record player stand DIY. We embraced it’s flaws and again, I used my favourite colour!

MCM record player stand with yoga frog on top and magnolia flowers on green doors - 5th top 10 paint projects of the year


This was the very first antique piece of furniture I ever bought. Then the busyness of life (and indecisiveness of whether to paint) got in the way. After sitting for 30 years, I finally got over my reluctance to paint. I think the bright, bold new look really transforms the once-dreary china cabinet (and the new owner loves it)!

China cabinet with stencilled drawer and blue trim - 6th top 10 paint projects of the year

DIY China Cabinet Makeover

Hubs meets so many interesting people through his sewing machine restoration hobby.  And some of them come bearing gifts, like this vintage clock. Given the timing (just before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee), we painted a Union Jack on the face. I was happy to redeem myself from my first attempt.

Union Jack clock sitting on card catalogue - 7th top 10 paint projects of the year

Although not technically painted this year, this thrifted clock is responsible for starting our journey on how to paint with chalk paint. Since it marks our very first chalk mineral paint project, it had to go on the list!

Grey clock with black pinstripe and stencil decor - 8th top 10 paint projects of the year

How to Paint with Chalk Paint

A piece from my MIL’s house, this upcycled magazine rack is just the thing to get us to slow down and do some reading after such a busy year!

Aside from real books, I also read quite a bit online. During the holidays I found an artist on Facebook who loves Hudson’s Bay Stripes as much as I do. I love her take on the subject!

Hudson's Bay Point Stripe magazine holder - 9th top 10 paint projects of the year

Upcycled Magazine Rack

Did you know you could paint pour with chalk paint? Neither did we until we tried. This was such a fun and easy little craft using something unexpected from the hardware store to create the effect!

Chalk paint poured butterfly with lamp and verdigris frog on table top - 10th top 10 paint projects of the year

Acrylic Pour Painting

Well, that wraps up our top 10 paint projects. Who knows what next year will bring? We certainly don’t; we rarely plan our projects in advance, so they will be a surprise for all of us!

Top 10 Paint Projects of the Year

Here’s a recap of our top 10 paint projects to pin for later :).

Pinnable image for top 10 paint projects

Have a Happy New Year!

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  1. My gosh you’ve had a busy year. It’s hard to choose a favorite, as every one of them is unique and beautiful. I love what you create.

    • Yes, the year was actually way too busy. While I love being creative and sharing our projects, I really want to slow down this year and spend more quality time with Hubs. Creating is great but on the flip side, too much time is spent in front of the computer blogging about it lol. Hopefully this year will be more balanced 🙂

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