Sustainable Savings in the Laundry Room

A few years ago, we replaced all our kitchen appliances with Energy Star appliances and are reaping the benefits of energy savings. However, we still have a set of washing machines that my grandmother purchased for me over 20 years ago when I was still single. Given the sentimental value, and the fact that they’re still going strong, I don’t have the heart to replace them. Unfortunately that makes sustainable savings in the laundry room a challenge. They are energy guzzlers; my 1990s electric clothes dryer, for instance, use at least 17 percent more energy than those produced today. Continue reading

Reduce Food Waste: Waste Not Want Not (II)

As you saw in Part I of Waste Not Want Not, in trying to live a more a sustainable lifestyle, it’s important to us to reduce food waste. In Part II, we’re taking it another step further.  Along with reducing food waste, we’re reducing water and excess packaging waste to reduce our environmental impact.

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Meal Planning to Save Money on Food!

In this first part of a 2-part series, we’re showing you how we’re getting meal planning and inventory tracking organized in order to save money. Have you noticed how the price of food is skyrocketing? Now, more than ever, it’s important to reduce our food waste to keep our food budget in check. Afterall, if you’re saving money by reducing food waste, you can ride out price increases!

By the way, there’s a free printable meal planner further ahead to help you with your own food waste management goals!

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