Milk Paint DIY – Partners in Grime Planter

This milk paint DIY, my ‘partners in grime‘ planter, is a celebration of 16 years of DIY.

I feel like we’ve come a long way since Hubs first raised his eyebrows when he helped me replace all the ‘perfectly good’ door knobs in my house soon after we met. The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks! It wasn’t until he agreed to help me install a little pond beside the front walkway that I realized Hubs really was a DIY wannabe.

Little did he know what I had in store for him after we wed! Although we’ve only been documenting our DIY pursuits on Birdz of a Feather for a few short years, since tying the knot Hubs has become my one and only ‘partner in grime’. We really do enjoy DIY’ing together. Continue reading

How to Get Milk Paint to Stick to Anything!

I always avoid indoor paint projects because of the fumes. Even with low VOC paint, I don’t want to pollute what precious indoor air quality I have in my basement craft studio – especially in the winter months when I can’t even crack a window open. Did you know that there are no VOCs in milk paint? Because it’s truly non-toxic, I get to keep every brain cell so I can keep dreaming up new projects! Continue reading

Succulent Display from Thrift Store Finds

I’m on a succulent craze and I just can’t get enough of them! Every time we visit a nursery, the first thing I look for are the succulents. That’s because I don’t need much of a green thumb to keep them alive; they don’t need to be watered as frequently as other indoor plants. Continue reading

Soda Bottle Crafts – Soda Bottle Vertical Garden

Soda bottle crafts are a great way to create a unique planter. Here in Canada, as the seasons turn, it can be quite a while before we see green pastures again. It’s a great time of year to introduce a cheerful hanging system. Brighten up your indoor space with plants – but this recycle works perfectly outdoors too! Continue reading

Filing Cabinet Planter – Indoor Gardening

A filing cabinet planter makes a great indoor display. You can’t have too many indoor plants during the winter time! They remind us of the new life and growth about to burst forth in the spring and give us something to look forward to! After seeing some shots on Pinterest, I was inspired to do an indoor garden of plants spilling out of card catalogue drawers. I so have a card catalogue, but it’s much too useful right now helping to organize a craft room! Continue reading

Blue Jean Planter – Upcycle Your Jeans!

Do you want a unique idea for upcycling old jeans? Our Blue Jean Planter was a conversation starter when it was first posted on Facebook. It all started with a pool noodle and ended with a video that went viral with over 11 million Facebook views! Most people had a chuckle, but a few were startled. Either way, we love that people have such strong opinions about it 😉.

This is where our journey to making planters started, like these 10 Outside the Box Planter Ideas.

Continue reading

Creative Planter Ideas for the Garden

These creative planter ideas make the most of a tiny garden. We’re always looking for ways to squeeze just one more plant into our small outdoor space. On one of our garage sale treks I found a rusty old chair and thought it would be perfect as a planter once I painted the metal and removed the seat cushion. Continue reading