Wall Planter DIY – Sconce Upcycle

I’ve been kicking around this idea for a wall planter DIY for ages! Every time I look at upcycling something cast off at the curb, an antique market or thrift store item, my mind immediately goes to ‘that would make an awesome planter’!

As a matter of fact, I was going to partner up with a blogger friend to write a book about upcycled planters and this was one of the ideas for the book. Unusual planters have kinda become the thing we love working on around here so it would have been a fun venture. But life has a tendency to get in the way of the fun things, doesn’t it? So while the book never made it off the ground, it really pushed me to come up with some interesting ideas for unusual planters. You know – the kind of things you can’t find in a store and just have to DIY if you want something unique.

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Wall Planter DIY

This wall planter DIY really couldn’t be easier. I got this pair of wall sconces free at a garage sale; you just can’t pass up free!

Ornate metals sconces to be upcycled into wall planter diy

We’re giving them a quick and easy makeover with the new Terra Clay Paint. We introduced you to Terra Clay Paint earlier this week with our Tiki wall decor project. And I couldn’t wait to experiment again and trade in the wood for metal!

Stacked containers of Terra clay paint for wall planter diy; moon beam, cerulean and lani's lagoon

Wall Planter DIY Base Coat

To start, we’re using Dixie Belle’s French tip brush and Cerulean Blue clay paint so we can get our first layer of paint into all the relief.

brushing blue paint from lid for first coat of clay paint for wall planter diy

Because I don’t want solid coverage, some of the original metal will show through the finish. So, along with misting the paint brush, I’m also adding water to the clay paint too.

Watering down blue clay paint for wall planter diy

I like to recycle a plastic paint lid to act as my pallet. That’s because Terra Clay Paint reactivates with water, so I can keep mixing with water to get every last drop.

Brush on the clay paint.

Speed Dry Time

Allow Dixie Belle Terra Clay paint to dry for two hours between coats. However, I find you can speed that along with a hair dryer. I set it to the ‘cool’ setting. Fingers crossed the hair dryer setting isn’t the only thing cool about this project!

First coat dry!

Paint Cement ‘Lightbulb’

I set the wall planter DIY aside while I work on the ‘lightbulb’ component. You may remember these cement planter molds from a previous post. Instead of leaving the cement natural gray, I’m painting the ‘light bulb’ with Terra Moon Beam.

The angle mini brush makes quick work of it.

brushing paint onto cement lightbulb for wall planter diy

Paint Adapters

Then, I turn my attention to these cardboard adapters. The original lightbulbs for these sconces are tiny and my cement lightbulb is a standard size, so these adapters will allow me to use them. However, the cardboard colour has to go! 

Terra Clay Paint Onyx will disguise the cardboard and blend right in with the original holder. While you move on to final steps, let the adapters dry on some paint pyramids.

Dry Brush Wall Planter DIY

Next, use Lani’s Lagoon to create highlights on the raised areas. Mix it with water, just like the first coat, and apply with an artist brush, like this flat one below.

Don’t forget to paint some screws too if that’s how you will hang this!

Ready for Assembly

Once everything is dry, topcoat with Terra Wax or Terra Seal Matte clear coat. I don’t have either of the products Dixie Belle recommends, so I’ll wait to seal the clay paint and officially hang this planter at a later date.

Keep in mind that these colours are going to intensify again once properly sealed. Looks kinda like verdigris, doesn’t it?

Wall sconces painted with clay paint (cerulean blue and lani's lagoon) with cement lightbulb painting in moon beam prior to assembling wall planter diy

In the meantime, while I wait to get my hands on a clear coat, let’s assemble one of these to give you an idea of how it will look. I promise to update with a better staged picture once I get an appropriate sealer!

Plant the wall planter with succulents or an air plant! Faux succulents will have to suffice until the topcoat is applied.

wall planter diy shown with plants sitting into top of cement lightbulb

If you’re really curious to see the artistic heights you can take this new clay paint to, see our easy tutorial on how to hand paint furniture designs! It’ll make anyone feel like an artist!

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Pinnable image for wall planter DIY

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19 thoughts on “Wall Planter DIY – Sconce Upcycle

  1. What an upgrade! So bright and fun. Love this, Sara.

    • We have no need for light sconces but there’s always room for one more planter around here lol!

    • Ha, thanks! I guess had a ‘light bulb’ moment lol!

  2. Such a clever way to upcycle old wall sconces – and blue is my favorite color! Great project, Sara!

  3. Another amazing creation using clay paint, Sara! And maybe you should reconsider writing that book on unusual planters! This one is quite unique and interesting. It’s certainly a conversation starter!

    • Ha, one day when I have more time than tasks I’ll have to reconsider lol!

  4. Such a fun idea! I’ve never once thought I could change a wall light sconce into a planter, you are so creative! I really do think you need to revisit that planter book idea!!

    • Aw thanks Julie – if you know a publisher who’s interested, send them my way 🤣🤣🤣

  5. Sara, you really are the Queen Of Unique Planter Ideas! These succulent planter sconces are fabulous and such a clever idea. I hope you write that book one day.

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