iCord Crochet Easter Bunny Ideas

In a myriad of Easter bunny ideas this time of year, icord crochet is a fun one to try with yarn from the dollar store! And just like real bunnies, our Easter bunnies seem to be multiplying exponentially 🙂 Today we have not one, but two adorable bunny ideas for you! But they don’t have to be just for Easter! For instance, they’d be great to make to adorn a nursery or create one as a gift.

To start, I was going to create an updated version of our previous bunny wreath to hang on the front door using the oval hoop below. But then I got inspired to create a standing bunny photo display as well. So that’s the bunny project we’re showing you first. I love both versions of this i-cord crochet idea, so the choice is yours!

icord crochet pattern, pom pom and hoop

iCord Crochet Supplies

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You will need the following materials:

(All the above, plus the following for the second project):

icord crochet supplies for Easter wreath: pom pom, cord, yarn, crochet hook, wooden hoop and ribbon

For either project, grab the free template on our subscriber group page (Birdz on the Fly). Print the bunny template on standard printer paper. Then tape together the 4 pieces of paper to achieve a size of approximately 12″ x 20″. By the way, if you haven’t yet subscribed, there’s a form at the end of this post to sign up and get free access to our templates).

icord crochet pattern in pieces with tape and supplies

For each project, it all starts with the i-cord. I-cord crochet can be any length that you need to go around the outline of the bunny. Watch the video below to see how to crochet an i-cord and see real-time details of how to put the first project together. Then continue on to the written tutorial to learn how to crochet an i-cord.

Standing Bunny Video

With this video, we branched out from quick one-minute videos to full ‘talkies’! We hope you’ll find it helpful.

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Icord Crochet

How do you make an i-cord?

Step 1. To start icord crochet, make a slip knot and chain 3. Insert hook into second chain and draw up a loop. Insert your hook into the 3rd chain and draw up a loop (3 stitches on hook). Drop loops 2 and 3 off the hook. Be sure to hold onto them: pinch them between your thumb and forefinger.

Step 2. Chain 1. Put the second loop back onto your hook, yarn over and chain 1. Put the 3rd loop back on your hook, yarn over and chain 1.

Step 3. Repeat the previous steps for every row. Keep crocheting until you have enough length to go around the entire perimeter of the bunny template as shown. Keep the crochet hook in the work so you can add on (or take away) if need be.

Project #1: Standing Bunny

With every project we create, we always have an upcycled item in mind as a starting point that inspires us. This time, it’s this discarded electrical wire. To create the wire form, I start by using a round object to create a circle. I’m using a round wood blank that’s 7 1/2″ so something like a trivet at least that size or larger will work. I bend the end of the wire as shown to act as a hook.

Wire and wooden form for icord crochet

Here is the completed wire form. Note that for the second project, you’ll just form the wire around the outline as-is.

Wire for icord crochet formed into shape

Cover with iCord Crochet

It helps to crochet until you have enough to go around the outline of your bunny. But measuring in this way isn’t always accurate. So when I create the i-cord, I don’t bind off the stitches until the very end. Not only can you still lengthen the i-cord if necessary, but you can unravel what you don’t need.

Thread the i-cord onto the open end of the wire. You might find it helpful to either tape the end so the wire doesn’t catch the yarn or do what I did: cover it with a cap (such as the kind used for caulking).

hand holding icord crochet wrapped around wire

Feed the i-cord all around until all the wire is covered, adjusting the length of icord as necessary.

icord crochet complete on wire bunny form

Create another hook at the end you started from using needle nose pliers. Then crimp it closed with the help of heavier pliers.

Now attach the two hooks together.

Crimp the second end tight to complete the circle for the stand. 

Connect iCord crochet Ends

Cut the yarn leaving a tail. Bring the two ends of the i-cord together then sew them closed. Actually, instead or using a sewing needle, I wrap the cut end with a piece of tape so it’s stiff, like the end of a shoelace. Then I can easily weave back and forth to close the i-cord. Hide the ends inside: use the crochet hook to help pull the yarn ends through the middle of the i-cord to hide them.

finger pointing to icord crochet end

Bend the circular piece of wire backward until the bunny is perfectly balanced and standing. He almost looks like he could hop away! But not without his little tail :).

icord crochet bunny standing up

Attach Pom Pom to ICord

Tie on the pom pom tail and hide the ends within the i-cord. A large eye darning needle helps with this.

Sewing pom pom onto icord crochet

Here he is with his puffy tail! Only one more step and he’s done.

icord crochet bunny with pom pom complete

Cut off a long length of invisible thread (I doubled mine).

Thread it onto the needle and knot the end.

Start at the bottom and zig zag the thread through the i-cord all the way to the top of the bunny.

Then criss cross the threads as you wish back toward the bottom again and tie off.

Embellish i-Cord Bunny

I embellished my bunny by placing a butterfly on her nose. Then I fastened some cards to the invisible thread with tiny wooden clips (mini binder clips or even paper clips would work too). You could display photos or artwork instead: anything that you wish to display.

I love how the Bernat baby blanket yarn emulates the bunny fur. I guess it keeps more than just babies cozy! Project # 1 done! Onto the second one.

icord crochet bunny displaying cards

Project #2: Bunny Wreath

As you’ll see in the reveal, I used the bunny design from our previous bunny wreath. However, feel free to to use the same bunny template from the standing bunny project above.

For the bunny wreath, you’ll need everything used for Project #1, plus cotton cord, chip clip and this oval embroidery hoop (I only use the inner portion).

Wrap the cotton cord around the wood hoop and distribute it evenly. If you prefer a more solid coverage of the wood, use more of the cord to cover the hoop. Leave enough cord at the top to form a hanging loop and stitch together securely using the invisible thread.

Just like real bunnies, these i-cord Easter bunnies seem to be multiplying :) Make a standing bunny photo display or a wreath. They'd be great to adorn a nursery too! Easter bunny | Easter bunny crafts | icord |crochet | Repurposed items | upcycling | upcycling ideas | upcycled | nursery ideas | nursery decor #upcycle #upcycling #easterbunny #icord

Also use the invisible thread to tie the bunny onto the oval frame (secure it at the top and bottom) and then it ready to hang on the door! For this one, I embellish the neck with a piece of grosgrain ribbon and matching ecru-coloured pom pom. It’s fun to match the colour of the ribbon and pom pom if you can find coordinating colours.

i cord bunny wreath on door

Hope you enjoyed these two Easter bunny projects. Now you’ve seen both; which one is your favourite?

Is it the photo bunny display?

Or do you prefer the bunny wreath door hanger?

Let us know in the comments 🙂

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  1. You my friend are a woman after my own heart. Not only do I think you’re sooooooooop creative but I love that your nails aren’t perfectly manicured. Sorry I hope you don’t mind me saying that, but dang, I can never understand how someone who’s crafting and DIY’ing has these perfectly gorgeous nails. I.Just.Don’t.Get.It??? Love, love, love your bunnies. Both versions. So very clever. Pinning and sharing where ever I can

    • Oh my Mix; we are kindred spirits – lol. Nothing’s going to stop me from crafting; least of all perfect nails!!!! I don’t get it either. Thanks for your support my friend 🙂

    • Thanks Deana! Yes, it’s nice when you can extend the purpose of something for more than just a holiday – lol!

    • Thank you so much Kim. I don’t typically decorate like this for holidays but I have to admit that it was really fun 🙂

  2. Adorable!!! Bending the wire and then adding the crocheted yarn to your bunny ~ really turned out great! Happy to pin to several boards for you. <3

    Stay well, Sara,
    Barb 🙂

  3. It’s adorable! I love your creations 🙂

    • Thanks so much for saying that Christina; that means a lot to me 🙂

  4. They are both awfully cute. The free-standing bunny is fun because it is cute and it has a purpose. I can picture a small pot of cat grass growing from the base.

  5. Another amazing creation! Your bunnies are adorable. I am going to give this project a try.
    Happy Spring,

    • Thanks so much Kippi; happy crocheting – and Spring too 🙂

    • Thanks Susan – couldn’t agree more about Spring 🙂

    • Thanks so much Jenna! Just like real bunnies, they multiply lol.

    • It’s so versatile; I have to think up something else so I can make more iCord lol!

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