How to Use Painters Pyramids – Tool Talk Tuesday

Little did I know when we started a new YouTube segment on our channel, called Tool Talk Tuesday, that I’d teach my husband something he didn’t know about Painters Pyramids! 

If you’d like to see them in action, our Painter’s Pyramid video is under 5 minutes and will explain everything. Or read on to find out what I taught Hubs; score one for me :).

What are Painter’s Pyramids?

Painter’s pyramids are triangular shaped plastic supports used to elevate objects, such as furniture, shelves or cabinets, while they are being painted. They have rounded points that minimize any marks. That’s so you can prop up your paint project, then you can flip it over almost immediately to paint the other side.

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You can purchase the original Painter’s Pyramids without tabs, as you see below.

Painters Pyramids holding up a shelf

However, we think THESE Painter’s Pyramids, that have tabs, are a big improvement on the original.

New and improved painter's pyramids with tabs

Do painters pyramids leave marks?

Since the tips are rounded, denting is minimized. Although the non-stick rounded points have minimal contact, they can leave a teeny tiny pinhole mark. For that reason, we suggest you paint the ‘wrong’ side first; the part you’ll see the least. After waiting a few minutes before you flip the piece, then finish painting the good side. 

Why use painters pyramids?

Painter’s Pyramids will allow you to paint a project in less time because you don’t have to factor in dry time on one side before you can work on the other. Just flip it over and paint away. The new improved version has tabs, which allow you to secure the painter’s pyramids to your work surface. Secure them either with tape, or screws if you prefer and have a work bench. 

Taping a painters pyramid to the table with green painter's tape

Once you tape them in all 4 corners, your Painter’s Pyramids can’t accidentally shift when you flip our piece over. They stay exactly where you place them.

Taping down the painters pyramids before painting a shelf

The best part is that you won’t accidentally brush paint on your work surface because it raises your item off the table, like the shelf I’m painting below.

Alternatively, if you’re stripping a piece, Painter’s Pyramids are made from a solvent resistant polymer so can be used for more than just painting.

Painting a shelf on top of painter's pyramids

A New Feature

Now here’s the part my husband didn’t know. The tabs have another function: they also lock together. They connect together easily into different configurations so you can paint odd shaped items with ease. You just line up a tab side with a flush side.

Lining up the Painters Pyramids to connect them

Slide it down until you hear a click.

Sliding the Painters Pyramids into position to lock them together

And it’s joined together. If you like playing with Legos as a kid, or even now, you’ll have fun with this feature!

Now, you can go ahead and tape them down if you wish. Watch how easy it is on the video!

Painter's Pyramids locked together

The locking mechanism is a cool feature that will better support odd shape items; you can probably even balance a ball on them – which is something we may just try if we take our basketball planter to the next level and paint it.

Painter’s Pyramids also work well for spray paint. However, depending on the project, Hubs likes to use special jigs he makes for especially for spray painting. See how to paint using a spray gun to see those.

Do Painter’s Pyramids Work?

So we’ve told you all about Painters Pyramids, but do they really work in practical use? Yes! We have used them on many projects including this DIY China Cabinet Makeover and this painted sewing box. This is what the china cabinet looked like before the transformation:

Tool Talk Tuesday

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Pin Painters Pyramids

Pinnable image for Painter's Pyramids

4 thoughts on “How to Use Painters Pyramids – Tool Talk Tuesday

  1. There’s nothing worse than waiting for paint to dry (except maybe waiting for glue to dry 😉 ). I think we’re going to have to invest in a few of these. It will make life so much easier

    • I hope you can find them! I’d send some to you but I suspect you never got my last package lol!

      You should try chalk paint if you haven’t already; it’s dried in 20 minutes. It’s perfect for impatient upcyclers like us 😉.

  2. These little gems look so handy. I have a horrible time with the underside of whatever I paint getting an edge that I have to sand off after drying.

    • You should definitely get some Leanna; you’ll love that you won’t have to sand off paint that get globbed on the edge.

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