How to Use a Magnetizer – Tool Talk Tuesday

If you’ve ever dropped a screw and had it roll away, never to be found again, I think you’re going to appreciate learning how to use a magnetizer / demagnetizer!*

Screw driver and screw on table with left hand about to pick up the screw

That’s because with one simple tool, you’ll never lose a screw again 🙂

Hand holding a blue magnetizer / demagnetizer

If you missed last week’s Tool Talk Tuesday on our YouTube Channel, catch up now. By the way, having a loose screw is not the same thing as having a screw loose 🤣.

How do you magnetize a screw with a magnetizer?

Loosing screws is frustrating; especially when you don’t have a replacement! Just insert the screwdriver into the space labeled magnetizer and pass it through several times.

Screw driver in magnetizer slot showing how to use a magnetizer

Now, when you pick up a screw the magnetization will prevent it from falling off the end of the screwdriver!

Slotted screwdriver holding screw after it's been magnetized

In practical use, the magnetizer was indispensable when we worked on our how to paint a union jack project. All those tiny screws were falling off the tip of the screwdriver and getting lost in the clock mechanism!

Inner workings of a clock with lots of screws

Once magnetized, we were able to lift out all the screws so we could remove the inner workings and paint the clock.

Long reach screwdriver being magnetized to remove screws from clock


Alternatively, if you have a magnetized screwdriver that’s attracting everything metallic in sight, you can demagnetize it too!

Screwdriver being run through the degmagnetizer section of the tool

A magnetizer demagnetizer is an inexpensive tool that will give you lots of bang for your buck! We wouldn’t be without it in our tool box! In all honesty, it’s so worth not having the frustration of ever losing a screw again.

Hand holding magnetizer with container of screws on the table

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