DIY Sewing Kit – Dental Floss Hack

This DIY sewing kit really comes in handy as a sewing travel kit or just to keep around home. After being cooped up for the last few years, it’s time to get out again and travel! Fall is my favourite time of year to travel; how about you?

But who hasn’t had a button pop at an inopportune time? Over the weekend when my own button popped, I went searching for the scissors, thread and sewing needle. These were all scattered around my studio so it was a real time waster to find them.

DIY Sewing Kit Video

As I was looking at an empty container of dental floss, I had an epiphany: a portable sewing kit! It already has a built in ‘thread’ cutter! Have a look at this quick short:

Sewing Kit Supplies

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 DIY Sewing Kit

First, peel off the label from the face of the container.

empty dental floss container for diy sewing kit

Reuse the little tube that the dental floss was originally on by gluing a grommet to either end. That’s so you can wind some thread on it.

diy sewing kit beside metal grommets

Only add small dots of glue to hold it on temporarily. If you add too much glue, it will be difficult to pry off later.

adding glue to grommet

Wind on Some Thread

Once the grommet is glued, wind on some black thread. The grommet keeps the thread from falling off the edges as it’s being wound.

black thread beside diy sewing kit

After the thread is on the spindle, the grommet can be removed. Unfortunately, it will interfere with the closing mechanism of the container if it’s left on.

thread wound onto bobbin for diy sewing kit

Add a Sewing Needle

No DIY sewing kit is complete without a sewing needle! Cut a small piece of elastic. Alternatively, you could also use a piece or ribbon or something similar. Add a dot of hot glue to one side of the container, turn the end of the elastic under and glue it into place.

gluing in elastic for diy sewing kit

Then bring the elastic over to the other side, once again turning under the end, and secure it with another dot of glue.

gluing elastic onto inside of dental floss container

Try not to burn yourself!

thumb holding down near side of elastic

Now there’s something to attach the needle to so it won’t jiggle around the inside of the kit when it’s stored. It also won’t accidentally fall out when you open it!

sewing needle inserted into elastic of diy sewing kit

Insert Thread

After removing the grommet from both ends, put the ‘bobbin’ on the spindle with the thread running counter clock-wise.

hands putting in the bobbin

Line up the thread with the hole in the top of the container and snap it shut.

Lining up thread in dental floss container

All you have to do is pull and cut the tread the same way you would dental floss whenever you need it.

pulling thread through cutter of sewing kit

When your sewing is complete, just return the needle to the container and snap it shut again.

Needle returned to elastic on inside of kit

DIY Sewing Kit Label

So you can’t mistake its use, print out a label to add to the front.

hand holding sewing table

Now the next time a button pops, or a hem falters, you’ll have a readily accessible kit ready to go! sticking sewing table onto front

You could make a few kits up with different colour threads (at least black and white), or merely save the tubes and wind on different colour threads so they are interchangeable in the one kit.

sewing kit sitting on top of fabric with button sewn on

Once the kit is complete, I decide to swap out the label for big, bold Letraset letters instead.

New label with read letters that spells 'sew'

They’re actually too large for the container so I move them to the front.

sew letters stuck on back of kit

Cut and sculpt around the lid. Then apply Mod Podge seal them on permanently. I love how the red colour ties in with the container. Now you really can’t miss it!

I love my new DIY sewing kit organizer! Now I’ve got all my sewing kit essentials in one spot. A kit like this would be great to carry in a purse for minor sewing repairs on the fly. It would also make a great travel item. While airports don’t allow actual scissors on board a plane, a little kit like this would likely be acceptable for air travel.

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Pinnable image for DIY sewing kit

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  3. Sara what a great idea. Functional and cute too! Going to make one as soon as my next floss container is empty!

    • It really is handy Tammy and you can’t beat practically free!

  4. This is so creative Sara. I would love to have this for my purse, I am always out somewhere and need a needle and thread for some reason. Perfect for a purse. Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Terrie – I’ve made a few to carry and keep in our suitcase. They always come in handy!

  5. Wow Sara, how clever are you!! what a perfect size to keep with you for emergency repairs! Great upcycle too! Thanks for the crafty fun every month!

    • Thanks so much Jenna! I love our craft hop; always look forward to seeing everyone’s amazing makes!

  6. Sara, this is brilliant! I can’t wait to try this clever idea–pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

    • Thanks Carol and you’re welcome; it’s always a pleasure to host our hop 🙂

  7. OMG, Sara! How unique and creative! I need one of these to keep in my handbag!

  8. What a clever idea, Sara. This is the best little sewing kit I’ve seen – no need for scissors – Love it!

    • Exactly! Would probably be fine to carry on a plane.

    • Thanks so much Alys! It’s always a fun challenge to make something practical out of an item that would normally be tossed!

      • Agreed. I take part in a ScrapHappy meme most months, were mostly sewers and quilters make from scrapes. I generally make something from paper, some sewing, etc. It’s fun. You should join us.

        • We’re still busy getting houses cleared out but I’ll keep that in mind when we have that behind us and get a larger chunk of free time! I’m long overdue for some sustained fun 🙂

          • Yes; both our moms passed away from Alzheimer’s last year and probate took a long time due to Covid. Clearing two houses at once has been pretty stressful.

          • Oh Sara, I can well imagine. It’s not just “two houses” but homes of people you loved. I wish I could be there to help. xo

          • You are so sweet :). xo

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