Slip on Coaster – Lucky 4 Leaf Clover

A slip on coaster is like a wine glass slipper that blows Cinderella out of the water! It’s simply a felt pocket covering that slips over the base of the wine glass. But it does double duty as a coaster AND a wine charm. You protect your table and your guests can identify their glasses! And what better wine glass charm than a lucky four-leaf clover?

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Slip on Coaster Video

Watch this video on how to make lucky 4-leaf clover wine glass coasters:

Green has always been my favourite colour. Of course, I love the fresh vibrant hue. But green also carries a double entendre because by ‘being green’ we strive to be mindful of the environment and upcycle whatever we can. If you can source it, try to find eco friendly felt made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. It helps keep plastic out of our oceans (which is why I participated in our local Crochet Coral Reef exhibit to draw attention to the environment impact of waste plastic).

This 4-leaf clover wine coaster isn’t just for St. Patrick’s Day. According to Irish tradition, those who find a four-leaf clover are destined for good luck, so I would use these coasters year round 😉. Here’s a bit about why four-leaf clovers are considered lucky.

For this project you will need:

Shamrock pattern, wine glass and pieces of green, pink and blue felt on table

Materials for wine glass slippers

Slip on Coasters

Cut out the pattern (I’m using the large on the top that will fit a 2 1/2″ wine glass base).

Scissors beside shamrock pattern for slip on coaster

Paper Pattern

Cut away all white areas, and the middle 8-point ‘star’ shape with curved pointed scissors. You could cut a circle in the middle instead, but I think the 8 point star looks prettier once on  the glass base.

Double check the base of your wine glass. Centre it in the middle of the pattern so you can adjust and, if necessary, re-mark where the black outer ring intersects with the release cuts (you’ll see what I mean on the video). Then cut along the four lines radiating out from the 8-point star ending where indicated on the pattern (note that the pattern shown in these pictures is my ‘tester’ so will look slightly different than the final markings on the actual template).

Cutting around pattern of slip on coaster with curved scissors

Trace Pattern for Slip on Coaster

Trace the pattern onto the felt (facing down if you want the stem to swing to the right – and hide the pencil marks).

Cut Felt

Don’t forget to trace the release cuts too. Then cut around the clover shape and the 8-point star in the middle. When you’re cutting around the leaves, don’t cut too far into the middle – just so you don’t accidentally cut all the way through the 8-point star.

Scissors cutting felt for slip on coasters

Punch holes at the end of the four release cuts on the pattern with the 1.5 mm Beadsmith punch. I usually cut two release cuts three-quarters of the way, and the other two to the edge of the base of the wine glass.

Punching felt with 1.5 mm Beadsmith punch for slip on coaster

Once punched, cut along the four lines until you reach the holes.

Hand hold felt shamrock; top half of slip on coaster

If you don’t sew, skip the next step and just glue around the tips of the leaves with hot glue.

Sew Slip on Coasters

Before you get to sewing this together, check out this DIY thread holder!

Starting on one side of a leaf, backstitch. Then sew around the edge to the other side of the leaf where indicated on pattern. Honestly, I just eyeball it :).

Sewing together slip on coaster at the sewing machine

Sew around each leaf individually and cut threads.

Sewing together slip on coaster at the sewing machine

Once sewn, this is how it should look:

Shamrock slip on coaster on wood counter

Now slip the coaster onto the base of the wine glass.

Empty wine glass beside Shamrock slip on coaster

It should slide right on.

Putting on the slip on coaster to wine base of wine glass

Slip on coaster does double duty as a wine charm too!

Pour a glass of wine (or in my case cherry juice 😉).

Red wine in glass wearing wine glass slipper

Slip on coaster

Next time you need a hostess gift, watch the wine glass slipper tutorial at the beginning of this post to whip up a set of wine glass slippers. When you sew a set, be sure to use different colours of felt on the base to differentiate between the green of the 4-leaf clover. That way your guests won’t mix up their glasses.

Shamrock pattern on green felt beside pink and blue felt circles

You may recognize this adorable gnome DIY. He comes with all these fun interchangeable accent pieces. So today he’s all dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day, holding a 4-leaf clover! Maybe he’ll bring us double the luck?

Wooden gnome holding a shamrock beside wine glass wearing wine glass cozy

Wine glass cozy

Enjoy your new 4-leaf clover coasters on St. Patrick’s Day and year round! Want to see how to make the adorable Irish Gnome? Check out St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Adults.

For a little more luck of the Irish, check out this crochet lampshade.

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26 thoughts on “Slip on Coaster – Lucky 4 Leaf Clover

  1. Sara, your coasters are so cute and clever! Pinned! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. This is so cute and clever Sara! I’ve never seen anything like it! Adorable and so functional, brilliant! Thanks so much for hosting our monthly hop, they are such fun and full of so many wonderful ideas. Your gnome is adorable too, Happy St. Patrick’s Day! ☘️

    • My pleasure Jenna! I love to see all the creativity of the hop too. You guys are all so talented!

  3. I actually laughed when I saw it slip on to the wine glass. This is innovative and just too cute. Great idea .

    • Thanks Leanna! I was just thankful that it worked lol. You just never know when you have an idea whether it will work in the execution. I guess the 4-leaf clover really IS lucky.

  4. This is so neat! No need to worry about setting out coasters then putting them away when you already have one on your glass. So creative! Pinned. It was great hopping with you today as always!
    Niki | Life as a LEO Wife

    • Thank so much Niki! There are so many different designs that would work for this idea; it was a fun one. Always great hopping with you too 🙂

  5. Oh wow, Sara! This is incredibly creative, unique and adorable! I’ve never seen a coaster like this before! Besides using a shamrock, the possibilities for making different types of flowers into coasters like this is unlimited! You certainly have created a winner with this idea! You go!

    • Thanks Gail! I know the possibilities are endless; if I didn’t run out of time I would’ve explored more lol.

  6. These coasters are perfect for St. Patty’s Day! Great idea and I’m now trying to think of other shapes for different holidays that you could do the same with! Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. You clever girl! These would make wonderful gifts along with a set of wine glasses….It’s never to soon to start Christmas crafting, right???

    • Never too early! Maybe I’ll create something for Christmas in July 🙂

    • Definitely; I’ll be doing that! They make a great hostess gift too.

    • Thanks Carol; it’s sure to be a conversation starter :).

  8. I love this, Sara. My hubby has Irish (and Scottish) blood flowing through his veins and these slip on coasters will definitely put a smile on his face.

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