Bulkheads: Uncharted Territory

Most people wouldn’t think to explore bulkheads: the uncharted territory some of us have above our kitchen cabinets.  Bulkheads. Whether you love them or hate them, sometimes you have no choice but to live with them (that’s where builders tend to hide electrical and mechanical runs).

When hubs cut some exploratory holes into our bulkheads several months before we undertook a kitchen renovation to see if we could take them down, we were disappointed to find out the answer was ‘no’. Since we planned to renovate soon anyway, he didn’t bother to repair the holes in the drywall. It left an eyesore that immediately drew my attention whenever I walked into the room. To remedy the situation until it was time to renovate, I thought why not utilize this often overlooked space by creating something fun and whimsical to hide the holes?

C_opening_bulkhead decor

Bitstrips 078_kitchen_bof.jpg

Hubs and I don’t like to take ourselves too seriously (afterall, laughter is the best medicine!), so I was inspired to immortalize our day-to-day antics. On Christmas, I surprised hubs with a series of 17 kitchen-themed cartoon canvasses mounted on the bulkhead above our kitchen cabinets.

Here’s a closeup of just one of the canvasses I mounted on the bulkhead. They all had a ‘film-strip’ effect border because I butt them up against each other to look like a movie of our day-to-day lives in and around the kitchen.

Opening Pic_Bulkhead Decor.jpg

I had fun creating them using the Bitstrips app on Facebook, but Bitstrips has since been removed. I’ve been in withdrawal ever since; anyone else miss Bitstrips?

Kitchen 4_bof.jpg

I realize that cartoons are not everyone’s cup of tea, but this project really added a lot of quirky personality to the bulkhead and was a real conversation starter – and let’s face it, it was only temporary so why not have some fun? I think life’s too short to NOT inject a little humour into your living space every once in a while.


All it took to create them was a home printer and a few other items. Even though Bitstrips no longer exists, all is not lost if you’d still like to experiment with printed 8″ x 10″canvasses. Check out my tutorial on how to print canvass with a home computer in the ‘Inspire’ post (shown below). Instead of cartoons, you could adorn your bulkheads with family pictures, famous quotes – or anything else your heart desires!  


If you’ve seen the transformation of our kitchen in previous posts, you’ll know that the cartoons are long gone from the bulkheads – they served their purpose. While the kitchen now has a more sophisticated look, we’ve redirected our sense of fun to other areas of the house! Recently, I resurrected the cartoons in our office when I undertook a one-hour reorganization of the space using a metal storage tower:


Even though the cartoons are no longer on a bulkhead, I still quite liked the idea of adding an interesting touch onto a bulkhead somewhere else. Below you can see we recently turned our attention to hubs’ newly built mancave and installed an airplane propeller over the entrance. To me it says, ‘you are now entering the mancave’, without the blatancy of a sign:


Anyway, a little food for thought. Next time you look up and see that blank space staring back at you, think about all the creative ways you might add a little interest to YOUR bulkhead.

In case you’re wondering, the holes in the bulkhead are now nicely patched and here’s how the kitchen looks these days (followed by a two of our popular kitchen projects).

Kitchen Before_crop_BOF

Ikea Kitchen Cart Hack


Hidden Kitchen Storage: Turn a Filler Panel into a Pull-Out Cabinet:

Before and After_FINAL BOF

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….. and here’s a project I just launched this week. It’s a Vertical Garden made from recycled Soda Bottles!. It’s easy on the budget and surprisingly beautiful given its humble beginnings 🙂


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