Expand Your Horizons: Propel Your Bulkhead into the Spotlight

Most people hate them. I’m talking about bulkheads – that wasted space above the kitchen cabinets or in the basement hiding mechanical runs. By the way, most people hate propeller puns too, but I’m a huge fan 🙂

Today I’m going to show you one way to jazz up a bulkhead with an airplane propeller!!

We’re not even finished construction of my craft studio and hubs’ mancave in the basement, but I couldn’t wait to start decorating. We had this boring bulkhead over the entrance to the mancave and I knew it would look great as a feature that can be seen as you descend the stairs.

The propeller we wanted to hang conveniently had a hole in the middle.

Hubs decided to enlist the help of a friend to make us a metal post to hang it on, although you could probably achieve the same thing with threaded plumbing pipe and collar. It’s essentially a piece of steel pipe welded to a circular base (also made of steel). The base was drilled with four holes around the perimeter so we could potentially hit a stud or two when we were mounting it onto the bulkhead. Here’s the front and back view showing the welding:

Our first step in hanging the propeller was to make a cardboard template of the propeller. We marked the template in the centre and then taped it up with painters tape. This helped us determine where along the bulkhead we wanted to position the propeller. We lifted the painters tape and nudged the template a few times until we had it where it looked good. We marked the centre with a piece of painters tape on the bulkhead and hoped there would be a stud nearby.

Hubs used a stud finder to check the bulkhead; he found his stud and I found mine! He predrilled to make sure he was hitting wood.

By turning the base of the hanger slightly, hubs was able to drill two pilot holes into the stud.

Then he screwed the hanger to the bulkhead.

Hubs lifted the propeller up to the bulkhead and slipped it onto the piece of tubing sticking out from the base. The tubing is tight enough that the propeller can’t slip off, but loose enough that we’ll be able to remove it if we want.

Here’s the before and after. The propeller really warms up the space and adds some visual interest as you enter the mancave!

Now to finish and furnish the rest of the mancave! Hubs really needs to get around to covering up the massive hole in the wall that houses our electrical panel; but that’ll be the focus of a future post!

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