Pallet Wood Shelves DIY

When you want to add storage onto a pegboard, this pallet shelves DIY lets you display things you can't normally hang.


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Free Pallet!

With left over scraps of pegboard and pallet wood sitting around, we're showing you how to paint a pegboard in a riot of colour and add pallet shelves onto it!

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Dixie Belle Paint

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Cool colours, right?

Dixie Belle Chalk Paint
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Add a burst of colour to get you through the winter or welcome Spring! Raid your paint stash and use everything you have!

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Funky Pattern!

Paint 'thought bubble stencil' in a variety of colours to create a fun, funky pattern

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Mix Your Own Colour: combine red and yellow to make orange!

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Pallet Wood


Vintage Ruler

Slot the shelf brackets onto the pegboard where you want the pallet shelf  to sit.

6" Shelf Brackets

Vintage Rulers

Measure twice, cut once!

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We're a husband/wife team feathering the nest one room - and upcycle - at a time!


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