how to make wood filler look like wood grain


After lifting away the laminate, my gut instinct is to glue it back on and call it a day. But we love a challenge!



How do you hide wood filler?

Can you stain wood filler? Yes. But it will show. Hiding wood filler is challenging but can be done... read on! 

Not Stainable

When you come across a wood filler product that claims to be stainable, it will never look exactly like the stained wood. Lack of stain-ability is the biggest complaint with wood filler.

Two Part Epoxy Filler

With this much damage, a two part filler is what you’ll want for a furniture project like this. Once the filler is sanded, remove all sanding dust and get ready to stain.

stain the wood


Applying Stain

Wear gloves and apply stain with a cotton rag in the direction of the grain Important: read the product directions regarding disposal of the rag!

Let Stain Dry

After the stain is dry, you can really notice the contrast between wood filler and original wood.

paint wood grain


Hand Paint Wood Grain

Dip paint brush into lacquer thinner and blend it with universal tint to create your first colour. You want to build up thin layers of colour.

Build Up Layers

I’m starting with lighter tones. I apply it in stripes to mimic the wood grain.

Apply Next Colour

Then I progressively work my way to other wood tones to fill in. 

Imitate Wood Grain

Imitate both the colour and grain as best you can. Keep layering until you’re happy with the look. The final step brings it together!



Before Shellac

In its ‘dry’ state, your hand painted patches may not look ‘right’.

After Shellac

Of course, if you stare hard enough, you can see your touch-ups. But after sealing, it should be hard to tell where the wood graining is applied. 

the fabulous reveal

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