it’s up to us to nudge Spring along with our decor!

The twist stitch


Thrifted Lampshade

The crochet lampshade cover will hide the existing shade so there's no need to tear it apart back to the frame. Simple!

Base for Crochet Lampshade

For the base, let's use a vintage wooden spool. With brass accents at both ends and an interesting texture on the bottom, the age and patina on this find is incredible!

The Crochet lampshade pattern


Twist Stitch

Start with enough stitches to go around the shade. It will stretch so you can leave up to a 3" gap.

Grouping of 3's

Skip the first st and double crochet into next two sts. Y/O to start the next DC. However, instead of crocheting into the next st, you’ll crochet into the previously skipped st 

Skipped Stitch

Just remember to skip a stitch so you can complete the twist later for the third double crochet stitch.



A grouping of 3 double crochets, with the last one worked into the skipped stitch, is what forms the twist!

First Row Done!

Now chain one and turn work. Single crochet across row and repeat the twist stitch row again. Just keep repeating these two rows!

Crochet Lampshade Height

Crochet until you reach the height of the shade. Here you see about 10 rows.



Stitch her up!

With right sides together, sc along the side to form a tube. Work into each set of 3 on both sides.

See how the crochet lampshade pairs with the wood spool base!

the fabulous reveal

Crochet & Fibre Craft

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