Be Prepared During Tick Season: DIY Flea Market Survival Kit

When the weather turns warm in May, hubs and I love to scout flea markets and garage sales! Speaking of scout, when I was a Girl Scout, our motto was ‘be prepared’.  That one motto has resonated with me throughout my entire life.

Our favourite antique market is Aberfoyle in Guelph Ontario.  One day when hubs was carrying an item back to the car, while I stayed and browsed, he came across a metal tool kit in rough shape. He bought it for just a few dollars and hid it in the car so I wouldn’t see it.  Then he repainted it and surprised me with it later.  I LOVED it, but I couldn’t help but upcycle it for a better purpose. If you’re an avid flea marketer like me and hubs, you’d turn the tool kit into a DIY Flea Market Survival Kit so you’d be prepared too! You’ll have everything you need for your next jaunt!

C_Opening Flea Market Survival Kit.jpg

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