Mirror Mirror on the Fence

You’ve got to use every trick in the book to make your outdoor space feel more expansive than it really is If you live in a teeny tiny house on a teeny tiny suburban lot like us. What better way to do that than with mirror? Mirror isn’t just for indoor decor; it can be a piece de resistance in the great outdoors too.

On one of my Goodwill ventures about 20 years ago, I bought an elaborate (aka gaudy) mirror in a dated brown stain. Not having an immediate purpose for it, I added it to my other ‘priceless’ junk finds in the basement.

Many years later, I came across an equally gaudy gold plastic wall mounted shelf in my sister’s garage (the identical one below was spotted at our favourite flea market). I remember it hanging in her mother-in-law’s hallway topped with a piece of white marble. Suddenly the light bulb went on: if I paired it with the mirror and treated both pieces to the same faux finish, I’d have a great little vignette in our garden. My sister was only too happy to part with the shelf.

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