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Homemade Belgian Waffles – Fluffy Consistency

I’m calling these homemade Belgian waffles ‘mock buttermilk’ waffles because the goat milk and goat yoghurt bring the tangy flavour that mimics buttermilk. There is no actual buttermilk in these waffles.

You’ll find the texture reminiscent of a pancake; light and billowy. They practically melt in your mouth, which is why these are Hubs’ favourite waffle variation by far! If you substitute the regular flour for a gluten free one, this recipe makes awesome gluten free waffles too (that’s how I make them for Hubs)!

Reminiscent of a pancake, these homemade Belgian waffles are light and billowy. The goat milk & goat yoghurt bring the tangy flavour to these mock buttermilk waffles that mimics buttermilk. Waffles | waffle recipe | waffles recipe homemade | gluten free | fluffy waffles |fluffy waffle recipe | mock buttermilk waffles | breakfast | breakfast ideas | | the unknown chef | Belgian waffle | Belgian waffles

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