Vintage Ink Stamp Holder Upcycle

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with that one last bloom from the garden as Fall sets in, grab an ink stamp holder the next time you’re out hunting for those vintage treasures. I can promise this will be the fastest, easiest and cutest 5 minute project you’ll ever do!

We were on the way back from a rare Saturday appointment when we stopped in at our favourite antique market much later than we would usually go. When you snooze you lose, but in this instance the timing was perfect because we probably would have overlooked this piece had we gotten there earlier!

I didn’t know what I was going to do with the ink stamp stand until about 2 seconds after I purchased it. Inspiration didn’t take long to hit!

A few weeks ago, when I was at the grocery store, I purchased a few succulents at the flower kiosk. It occurred to me that since they sell flowers and put together arrangements, they would have some flower water tubes on hand! 

Sure enough, I was able to purchase a dozen of the larger tubes (for under $5)!

The ink stamp holder sat in my craft studio for months. My original plan for it was to remove the stamps and replace them with the water tubes filled with flowers. The slots that hold the stamps are perfect for holding water tubes too! However, that plan changed for the better when, a few days ago, our neighbour brought us one lone Dalia from her garden!

I immediately cut down the long stem and put it into the plastic tube along with some water, then sealed the cap.

With one beautiful bloom to display, I was still missing an ink stamp in one of the slots. That’s when I remembered seeing an ink stamp in my late father’s desk. It was a few days before I could head on over to visit my Mom and find my Dad’s ink stamp.

I was about to put it into one of the empty slots.

But since it belonged to my Dad, it was special and deserved to be front and centre. I moved it into the middle. 

With the place of honour filled, I used the remaining slot of to hold the flower water tube with the bloom:


After holding off on pictures until my Dad’s stamp completed my vision, the flower isn’t as fresh as the day my neighbour brought it by, but doesn’t it still look beautiful?

There’s something magical about juxtaposing something new with something old! It’s such a special keepsake now that I may never remove the stamps and use it just for flowers alone! Perhaps one day I’ll find another holder without stamps and make use of the rest of those water tubes 🙂

This idea would be lovely adorning an outdoor picnic table – or any table setting for that matter!

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