Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

A crochet Easter bunny is just the thing to welcome Spring. But even though it’s officially Spring, our weather here is still cold and blustery. Until the weather warms up, I’m keeping my hands and mind busy indoors by reacquainting myself with crochet. And since Easter is less than a week away, I’m squeezing in one more crocheted project with this sleeping crochet Easter bunny pattern! This one is tiny so it’s quick.

While I’m hunkered down at home, I’m using up any and all materials I have on-hand to stay creative. It’s a great way to stretch my yarn supply for other projects :). If you’re interested in the free pattern, you’ll find it at our members-only craft room –  Birdz on the Fly (details at the end).

This tiny fellow is pretty sleepy so he’s enjoying some nap time. I think I’ll join him 🙂

But before I do, there’s one more embellishment I want to make. Since we couldn’t get together with my sister for her birthday, or the upcoming holiday for that matter, I made this for her as a reminder that we’re still together in spirit! I sent her virtual hugs and kisses 🙂

Pinning is always welcome and appreciated 🙂

Free Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

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6 thoughts on “Crochet Easter Bunny Pattern

  1. acraftymix – Hi, I'm Michelle or Mix to my friends. Can we be friends ;-) I'm an IT geek who loves making things in my spare time, and if I can recycle something while I'm at it, then that makes me super happy
    acraftymix on said:

    Isn’t he just the cutest little critter EVER!!!! One day I’m going to learn how to crochet. It’s been on my to-do list for the longest time, but for some reason I seem to put it off.

    • It really is relaxing and something like this would be a great place to start. It’s a very easy stitch to accomplish for a beginner :).

  2. I got the email, but am new to the BirdzofaFeather newsletter. I signed up for the Blog after not being able to find a way to the pattern, but have not yet received the confirmation email. (I’ve never Blogged in my life!) How do I get the actual pattern? Thanx. Maxine

    • Hi Maxine – try looking for the confirmation e-mail in your junk folder. Once you activate, you’ll get the password. If you still can’t find it, please let me know and I will e-mail you some info 🙂

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