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A few years ago, we took a trip to Dundurn Castle on a beautiful summer day and I snapped a shot of a car that was being used for a wedding taking place on the grounds. On a whim, I posted the photo to the Jones Soda site on the off chance they would use it for one of the labels on their pop bottles.

I soon forgot about it and about 8 months later, I got a letter in the mail congratulating me on being chosen for one of their production runs and a few copies of the actual label with my photograph of the car on it!

Jones Soda Lable.png

Hubs was so excited he went on the hunt to find my lable on the myriad of bottles being sold in convenience stores and he was able to find four of them over a few week period! We’re not soda drinkers, but the color of the pop in the bottle was a stunning yellow so we put them away in the cupboard for an idea to strike on how to display them one day.

Now that my craft studio is just about complete, the entryway was looking a little boring and bare – with the exception of the awesome chalkboard hubs made for over the pocket doors and surprised me with! That sliver of wall was going to be the perfect spot to display my bottles.

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 021_bof.jpg

You can watch the full video before you read the how-to:

Hubs gathered up some items:

  • Green painters tape
  • Screws
  • A scrap piece of cedar upcycled from a fence project. It was cut down to 20 1/2″ long and was 4 3/8″ wide by about 5/8″ thick.

He drilled three circular recesses into the wood to hold the bottles and spaced them 5 1/4″ on centre from the middle. Each circle was 2 3/8″ wide by 1/4″ deep; just deep enough so the bottle would nestle into the recess and not tip over.

Then some gas pipe fittings. He worked with 1/2″ material:

  • Two flanges
  • Two caps
  • Two clamps
  • Two pipes measuring slightly longer than the width of the board (ours measured 5″ long)

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 051_bof2.jpg

Hubs mapped out the studs on the wall and prepared all the measurements. He also marked the centre of the board and approximately where the supports would be located.

To tie it all in, I enlarged a picture of the actual car I had shot to 18″ x 24″. I framed it so we could hang it above the bottle display shelf.

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 037_bof.jpg

For the supports underneath the shelf, we used the 5″ gas pipe, a flange, a cap, some screws and a clamp for each one. Hubs used some bluing liquid to turn the screws and clamp black to match the pipe, then cleaned the pipe with mineral spirits and sealed everything with spray lacquer, as he did for the industrial inspired table he recently did for his mancave.


I was originally going to hang the picture at eye level and we even put it up on the wall, but then we realized that it had to be much higher to make the proportions work once the shelf was in place. Oh well, luckily the hole gets hidden by the picture!

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 071_bof.jpg

Once we found the height of the top of the picture, we marked it with some green tape. Then it’s just a matter of measuring from the top of the frame down to the hanger wire on the back of the picture.

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 056_bof.jpg

Our measurement was 2″, so that determines how far below the green tape on the wall the hanger will get nailed into the wall. Don’t forget to also measure for the horizontal centre of the wall to position the picture hanger.

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 058_bof.jpg

Then nail the picture hanger into the drywall:

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 065_bof.jpg

Once the picture was hung, we turned our attention to the shelf. My husband predrilled holes for the flange in the drywall and then screwed them into place. Note that if there are no studs beneath, you will need to add drywall anchors to support the weight of the shelf on the wall. Then he placed the shelf over the supports, positioned the clamps over the pipe and marked the underside of the board so he could also pre-drill the holes for the clamps.

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 125_bof.jpg

Once the holes were drilled, he then positioned the shelf onto the supports again, popped the clamps over the pipes from below the shelf and screwed the clamps onto the underside of the board.

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 138_bof.jpg

As an aside, because we had access to the wall in between the pocket door and we didn’t hit a stud on the side closest to the door, hubs was able to add a piece of plywood behind the drywall to screw the flange into. Otherwise, we would’ve had to add some plugs to the wall before we added the flange.

It was only then that we realized that the car on the lable was a mirror image of the picture I took – how cool is that!

Industrial Bottle Display Shelf 144_bof.jpg


Hubs likes to restore vintage heaters and has a collection of them. Our last bit of staging was to add one of them in the corner underneath the shelf. Given the black and yellow colour, it was like it was all meant to be together! He gave the heater needed a bit more height by placing a wine box underneath it (a good call on his part!).

Now it all relates; I love how the black, white, yellow and wood tones came together in the end but in an upcoming post, my entry doors are about to get a blast of colour of their own! Come back in a few weeks to see the reveal of the doors; it will be the final project to finish off my craft studio.

Practically, there may not be many of you that would display a pop bottle (unless there are some Jones soda pictures that strike your fancy and you want to display them like I did). However, our shelf idea would also work great to display special wine bottles combined with a picture – or grouping of pictures – of where they were shared!


Speaking of my craft studio, that’s a great segue to remind you that I’ve started a new blog category specifically for crafts. Check out Craft Rehab at this link. I have a cool industrial remote control caddy coming up, so follow if you want to receive new projects via e-mail when I post! Here are a few of the projects you’ll find at Birdz of a Feather craft:

BOF Craft Collage_bof.jpg

Not into bottles, but interested in building your own custom ledge to display pictures? Have a look at this post:


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