DIY Wedding Ideas: Vintage Kitchen Theme

If you are getting married – or know someone who is – today’s post will give you some creative ideas on how to DIY your own decor for your special day.

We got married at a grand old house (purported to be haunted)! My husband and I love to scout flea markets so it only made sense that our wedding theme would be pulled together with vintage objects to fit in with the surroundings of the house. We both love to cook, so what could be more perfect than a kitchen-themed wedding that combines both our love of the hunt and our love for food?

C_DIY Wedding_Opening.jpg

When we happened upon a garage sale one day and found an old hoosier table for only $5, we had the perfect starting point for a retro kitchen theme. From there, it was an easy decision to fashion all our floral centerpieces from old Pyrex coffee pots, tea pots, glass jugs, old blenders and even an orange squeezer!

My favourite project has got to be our place card holders! The D-I-Y rolling pin that held our place cards did double duty: our guests could use it to locate their table and then take it home with them after the wedding as a keepsake! One of our guests subsequently put it on her window ledge in the kitchen and used it to display a picture of the grand kids – cute!

Place Cards 006_bof.jpg

We found the mini rolling pins at the dollar store. A quick call to the store and they were able to order us in a box of 70 of them!

My husband sliced off a sliver of the rounded part to flatten it so it would sit on the hoosier table without rolling away! Then he cut an angled slot in the opposite end to hold the place cards at an angle so they could be easily read. The handles were painted with our other accent colour – an orange chalk paint. He then sealed the wood with a clear varnish.

I designed the place cards to mimic a recipe card with blenders as the borders (“Recipe for a Happy Marriage”). You’ll see the actual vintage blender we used for one of our floral arrangements further ahead in this post.

All 70 rolling pins were set up before the ceremony in the hallway at the reception; they fit perfectly onto the top of the hoosier table to greet guests as they arrived.

Wedding Digital 2005 007_bof.jpg

Rolling pin place card holder; blender motif frames each card

Here are some of the Pyrex containers we found for the centrepieces. We took them all to a florist to fill them with beautiful flower arrangements. At the wedding, before the night ended, we raffled the centrepiece off to one of the guests at each table.

Wedding 2005 066_BOF.jpg

Hoosier table, glass Pyrex tea/coffee pots and blue metal stands (in background)

Here is a picture of the blender once it was arranged with flowers (as you saw above, this vintage blender was the inspiration for the motif around the edges on the place cards).

Wedding Digital 2005 190_BOF.jpg

We used the Juice-King juicer to float one of many candles we placed throughout the house. I decorated it with some silk flowers and organza rosettes.

Wedding Digital 2005 012_BOF.jpg

Juicer cups acts as another vessel to float a candle

Where there was old metal to paint, we picked a retro blue. I guess we really took “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” to heart; especially when we had to borrow a van to get all our finished projects to the site!

Although we gave away all the other decorative pieces, we kept both the blender and juicer after the wedding; to this day we call the color ‘wedding colour blue’. Our complimentary colour was orange; this is what we painted anything that was wood; i.e. the hoosier table base and the handles of the rolling pins.

As the wedding approached, we would go out on the weekends to collect enough Pyrex containers for the floral centerpieces (one for each table) and to also look for vintage glassware to hold floating candles for the head table. We ended up finding shrimp cocktail servers with liners (originally meant to hold ice to keep the shrimp cold).

Vintage Shrimp cocktail glass.jpg

Vintage shrimp cocktail glass; source: Etsy

The double compartments were perfect: we added some fish aquarium stone in the bottom and the floating candles in the top (both the same colour as ‘wedding color blue’). The second picture below shows how it looked when it all came together.

On our travels we also found several metal pieces that were perfect for holding the hobnail relish dishes we found – which we also floated candles in. To finish off the vignette, we found some melamine rounds in a Habit for Humanity ReStore – painted them blue of course – then glued mirror we had specially cut onto the rounds. All the floating candles were placed on top of the mirror and some organza flowers filled in around it.

Hobnail Dish_BOF.jpg

Hobnail dish used in head table centrepiece

The candles cast a pretty glow and added a touch of sparkle when they were all lit up:

Wedding Digital 2005 181_BOF.jpg

Shrimp cocktail servers filled with stone and placed around mirror complete one of the pieces for the head table

Because we don’t like to take ourselves too seriously, we wanted to add some whimsy to the ceremony itself, so I made ‘bride and groom’ plant stands to frame the aisle.

They were incredibly fun to make; a trip to our local value village garnered the ‘wedding dress’ (it was actually a train I was able to re-purpose), some tuxedo pants, a cummerbund and shoes for the groom. As we were pressed for time (and money) we ended up using silk flowers to complete these – but they could easily have been planted up with fresh flowers using some floral foam.

Wedding 106_BOF.jpg

Why not inject some humour into the big day with ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ plant stands!?

The last thing we did to personalize the day was to have an artist draw a charicature of us and matte it in black so we could have all our guests sign a personal message in the margins of the board. We were working within a limited budget so we found a student to create the charicature!

I taped up a half-inch margin around the perimeter so no one’s message would get covered once it was framed and provided several fine-tipped silver marker for guests to sign (so a few people could sign at once). I also placed some velum over the charicature (and under the black matte) to keep it clean.

After it’s framed up, it’s a great keepsake of the day!

Wedding Charicature_5 009C_BOF.jpg

Our final project was the thank-you card. We scanned our charicature and created one-of-a-kind cards to send to all our guests. It was a nice tie-in!

There’s nothing like making your own do-it-yourself wedding decor; it’s so unique and a lot of fun to pull together. I hope some of these projects inspire a few ideas your own wedding day and beyond! Afterall, once a DIY’er, always a DIY’er. Our projects didn’t end with the wedding! Once the honeymoon was over, would you believe we got right back to work again landscaping our front and back garden? We turned out backyard into an urban oasis:

Backyard Oasis Transformation_BOF

We created a calming water feature by our front door!

C_Water Feature_FINAL_bof.png

We then built some trellises for the front and back gardens:

Trellis by pond_FINAL_BOF.jpg

Trellis_Opening Picture

Lastly, we added in some planters (before moving our DIYs indoors to renovate the rest of the house):

Planter Ideas

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  1. I know this is very late, but I am SO jealous that I didn’t think of this theme for my wedding! What an incredible and unique idea. My husband and I always jokingly say “We’ll do that at our next wedding” when we see cool ideas like this!

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