Behind Closed Doors: Easy Dishwasher Tab Dispenser

I absolutely hate some of the packaging that’s out there for dishwasher tablets; it’s hard to get those pucks out when they’re in a ‘clamshell’ and trying to dig them out from under the sink can be a challenge in itself – even when they come in a resealable bag!

A note of caution before proceeding: if you have young kids and want to implement this, make sure you have a child proof safety latch on the door; these pucks look temptingly like candy and you wouldn’t want the wee ones to ingest this stuff; it’s toxic!

I was browsing Hometalk when I came across a fellow blogger’s solution for storing dishwasher tabs. I thought this was a great solution, but I wanted mine to be easily accessible without having to dive under the cupboard to pull them out every time I needed one. I have a bad back, so I don’t do dishes. It has actually been hubs’ job to do the scavenging hunt when we run the dishwasher. The solution I came up with is easy for me to access without bending down and with a few simple office supplies, I didn’t even have to drill a hole into the back of my kitchen sink cabinet to mount it!!

The plastic dispenser I used was originally made for storing sweetener.

Dishwasher Tab Storage Solution 001__BOF.jpg

This has to be the simplest storage solution I’ve ever executed! I emptied the sweetener, loaded it up with the tabs, then added a binder clip onto the part of the container that’s cut away. Make sure the back prong of the binder clip is sticking straight up… this is what you’ll use to hang it with!

Dishwasher Tab Storage Solution 005_BOF.jpg

Add an elastic on one side just to keep the tabs from falling out when the cabinet door is opened and closed; it keeps everything in place and it’s easy to reach in a grab one as the elastic is flexible.

Dishwasher Tab Storage Solution 006_BOF.jpg

Here is my sink cabinet. Notice the knobs? I used the same screw that holds the knob in place to hang the dispenser onto the back of the door!

Dishwasher Tab Storage Solution 007_BOF.jpg

Depending on the whether the clip will slide over the head of the screw, you may only have to unscrew it a little to slip it on. In my case, I had to take it off completely, sandwich the knob and dispenser onto the door and then screw it all back into place.

Dishwasher Tab Storage Solution 011_BOF.jpg

Now tighten the screw so it’s snug. If for some reason the knob on the front of the door is too loose, you may have to replace the screw with a longer one. Mine was still perfect!

Dishwasher Tab Storage Solution 012_BOF

To refill it, you can fill it in place, or remove the container by squeezing the clip to release it so you can restock it on your counter top .

Dishwasher Tab Storage Solution 015_BOF.jpg

You may want to be on the lookout for a slightly longer container so you can store a week-full of tabs at once; however I wouldn’t buy anything wider as there’s a perfect amount of clearance to be able to close the door.

Dishwasher Tab Storage Solution 013_BOF.jpg

I think hubs is happy with the convenience of having it hanging on the back of the door where it’s easy to reach; now I can do the dishes every once in a while if I choose to (oh, but wait: I don’t do dishes)! With two people in our household we only run the dishwasher once a week, so this solution could conceivably save my back for up to a month and a half before we have to replenish the supply.

In the near future (once I have my craft room up and running), I’m going to work on making it prettier. I’ll replace the elastic with a door of sorts made out of something like a clear plastic report cover so it looks better, but for now it functions great!

Opening Pic_Diswaher Tab Storage Solution_BOF2

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  1. I love clever solutions. Like you, I have a bad back and will do almost anything to avoid bending over. I’ve never seen those dish-washer tabs. That must be something unique to your area. We’ve recently started buying pods, but they are much smaller than what you show here. I’ve cleared a small upper cabinet and keep all my cleaning products there. This was a great solution when my boys were small, and it saves my back.

    I love your posts!

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