Bathroom Vanity Makeover

You may recall the bathroom renovation we completed for my Mom last year. When we revealed it, we still hadn’t painted the vanity we saved from going to the landfill.

Here’s how it looked before:

Moms Reno 053_bof.jpg

When the guys came to install the glass shower doors, they could be heard laughing away when they first arrived: undoubtedly, they thought the vanity was going to stay that way!  I have to admit that once we renovated the bathroom, the vanity did look like the ugly duckling. I couldn’t wait to pick a paint colour and breathe new life into it too!

Moms Reno 063_bof

Hubs tackled this project because painting is his forte. He started by removing all the doors and hardware.


He cleaned the surface of the cabinet fronts and vanity and gave it all a light sanding. He actually did a paint test on one of the doors to see if he would need primer first and determined he didn’t need it. He painted the doors and drawers with a spray gun to give it a professional looking finish, but he had to paint the rest of the unit on-site by hand.

He put down a paint cloth on the floor so he wouldn’t accidentally spill on the new tile.

Then he taped off all the areas he didn’t want to get paint on. The side walls and floor got protective paper and painters tape, while underneath the countertop etc. he only put painters tape.

Bathroom Vanity Makeover 019_bof.jpg

Bathroom Vanity Makeover 023_bof.jpg

Here’s a reminder of some of the tiles we chose for the floor and walls.

Tiles 019_Floor and bath surround_bof

I chose a mid-tone blue paint for the cabinet to coordinate with these colours.


Hubs applied 3 light coats of the paint (he did it over the course two days to let it dry between coats).

Bathroom Vanity Makeover 058_bof.jpg

Once everything was dry, he put the doors back on their hinges and hung the doors.


The finishing touch was to install new cabinet pulls in a chrome finish.


In the vanity area, we replaced the mirror, lighting and countertop but I’m so glad we kept the old vanity! Why throw away something perfectly good when a little work and prep can make it look brand new again? Here’s a shot of the before and during….


…and a final reveal of the after. Unfortunately I shot this picture at night, so it looks washed out and you don’t get the full beauty of the colour, but it looks stunning in person! If only the shower glass door installers could see it now!

Bathroom Vanity Makeover 094_bof2.jpg

If we had only done the vanity area, it would have made a huge improvement to the bathroom, but we did a full renovation for my Mom and it turned out better than I ever expected. To see the full post, where I show you how to maximize bathroom space, click here.


In an upcoming post, we’ll be showing you how we made over our fireplace taking it from this…


… to this:


Other renos we’ve recently completed include removing a wall and installing sliding doors in our dining room…..


…and of course my new craft studio!


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