Antique Hutch/Shelf Upcycle

Hubs and I attended an auction a few years ago and I found a really cool ‘shelf’ that used to be part of someone’s buffet.

It was in rough shape, so I was able to buy it for only $5. It was hard to see the potential (which is why no one wanted it!), but I knew I’d find a use for it one day.

Studio 188_bof.jpg

At one time my find would have had a mirror (mine was missing) and would have been attached to the top of a sideboard, similar to the one below found on Pinterest.

Antique buffet.jpg

Hubs didn’t like the shelf at the time (as he liked to remind me up until the makeover), but he kindly still stripped and refinished it for me.

After a new coat of stain and lacquer it languished on some hooks in our basement for years gathering dust, until one day hubs started construction on my craft studio.

Studio 014_bof.jpg

With my craft studio underway I knew just what I was going to do with it! It would make a perfect catch-all shelf and memo board right above my serger in my sewing room!

Studio Update 009_BOF

Although the shelf is still a work in process, I couldn’t wait to share my idea with you. It started out with this plain-jane piece of pegboard:

Peg Board Shelf 028_bof.jpg

All I needed to complete my vision was the following items: a painted piece of pegboard cut to fit where the mirror used to be, a point driver tool and some points:


Hubs painted the peg board a glossy crimson orange. My studio is very neutral so it needs some pops of colour.

We flipped the shelf over face side down, inserted the pegboard right side down and spaced the points around the perimeter every six inches or so.

Peg Board Shelf 012_bof.jpg

The oak is a hard wood to drive into so it took a bit of grunt work on hubs part…

Peg Board Shelf 005_bof

…to wedge them all in so they’d hold the pegboard securely in place:

Peg Board Shelf 008_bof.jpg

Once we turned it around again, I thought it looked great but I still had an idea to improve its functionality even more.

Peg Board Shelf 014_bof.jpg

Hubs cut me a piece of sheet metal and painted it orange to match the pegboard. He drilled holes in all four corners to coincide with the peg holes. I positioned the metal panel off-centre on the front side of the pegboard, then we used some nuts and bolts to attach it. While hubs fastened the nuts, I tightened each bolt with an allen key.

Studio Update_shelf 005_bof.jpg

Here’s a closeup of how the fastener looks from the front…

Studio Update_shelf 004_bof.jpg

… and here it is from the back showing the nut that holds it on:

Studio Update_shelf 012_bof.jpg

We flipped it right side up again so I could add these magnetic storage containers:

Studio Update_shelf 015_bof.jpg

The magnetic containers are so useful: now I’ll have somewhere to store my sewing machine needles, pins, thread bobbins, various sewing feet and any other small item I might need quick access to in the sewing room!

Peg Board Shelf 018_bof.jpg

Magnetic containers will hold all my sewing necessities

Since the shelf is going above my serger, I’ll likely have cones of thread sitting on top of it. Here’s a rendering of where we’ll be hanging it (on the wall in the far room).

Studio update 1_BOF.jpg

There are 5 holes along the bottom of the shelf. I’m planning on installing cup hooks there to disguise the holes – and to hang my scissors from so they’ll always be handy:

Peg Board Shelf 022_bof.jpg

My biggest hesitation in hanging this shelf now is twofold: 1. I haven’t  moved my industrial equipment from my old studio to this one and I want to make sure the shelf will fit (and look good) where I’ve planned to install it and 2) I plan to hang a pendant light over each machine for task lighting and I don’t know if the shelf will even work with the height of the fixture. It’s just best to wait until everything is in place so we can judge it in situ before we hang it permanently.

For now the shelf/memo board is leaned up against the wall I plan to mount it on. You’ll see the final reveal once my studio is finished and it is hung on the wall and accessorized!

Studio Update_Shelf 027_bof.jpg

UPDATE Sept 2016: I upcycled a clock and attached it to the pegboard, which looks great, however I still haven’t hung it in my studio!


UPDATE October 2016: Click here for the final reveal of my craft studio!


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