Indoor Gardening: Filing Cabinet Makeover

You can’t have too many indoor plants during the winter time! They remind us of the new life and growth about to burst forth in the spring and give us something to look forward to! I was inspired to do an indoor garden after seeing some shots on Pinterest of plants spilling out of card catalogue drawers. I have a card catalogue and would have loved to do that, but it’s much too useful right now as an organizer in my craft studio!

To compensate, I thought of another similar idea using another piece that we already had! When my brother-in-law moved from his old house, there was on old retro filing cabinet in the basement left by previous owners that he wanted to get rid of. Hubs decided to bring it home and find a new use for it.

Filing Cabinet_before_bof.jpg

At the time, the mancave wasn’t built yet so it languished in the garage for months before hubs could turn his attention to it. More about the mancave reno in an upcoming post!



Hubs got his colour cue from the Ikea Forsa lamp I gave him to christen his new space; a gorgeous retro grey-green!


Hubs colour matched the paint and gave the filing cabinet a few coats after he sanded it down and primed it. He also cleaned up all the hardware and reinstalled it. Then he added some felt on the bottom of the cabinet to protect the floor from the sharp edges of the metal.

Mancave 224_bof.jpg

Here it is all set up with some plants! If it wasn’t winter right now, I’d buy plants specifically for this piece, but I think you’ll get the idea of what you can do with a piece like this! You can layer different plants in each of the drawers and use more than the two drawers I used here.

Indoor Garden 017_bof.jpg


For more ideas of how to bring the outdoors in, have a look at my most recent innovations. You’ll find videos and full tutorials on how to do them both:

Indoor floating water feature:
Floating Water Feature_Birdz of a Feather.jpg

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5 thoughts on “Indoor Gardening: Filing Cabinet Makeover

  1. What a fab way to re-use a retro cabinet. I love that shade of green too. Green is my favorite color, so I was delighted to learn that the Pantone color for 2017 is Greenery. You are on trend *and* clever. I can’t wait to see the man cave. Sara, when do you sleep? 😉

  2. Great thinking!! I have seen this a couple of times now and I just have to ask what is the plant with what looks like a green hand at the top of each stem, please? I finally have a filing cabinet and need to pick my colour, but this is an off topic question which I apologize for. I get two for one with this, actually three because maybe I have found the colour too! The detail you two take is an art. Thank you.

    • Thanks for that lovely compliment Linda! Apologies for the late response on the plant! It is called Aeonium. It’s a wonderful plant to have in our indoor collection 🙂

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