Free Crochet Frog Pattern – Gabriola Frog

One night while watching The Orville, I couldn’t help but notice the Frog leaned up against the desk light on captain Ed Mercer’s desk because he always steals the scene! I love Kermit the Frog so the next day I was inspired to make Kermit’s counterpart to adorn wherever I choose to place her.

Only problem was, I couldn’t find a free frog pattern I liked so I had to make my own. You know what they say about necessity being the mother of invention, don’t you?  If you love frogs as much as I do, you’ll be thrilled to get your free crochet frog pattern for Gabriola at the end of this post.

Amigurumi Frog

With Amigurumi trending on Instagram and Pinterest, I was curious to try my hand at it. It’s been over 20 years since I picked up a crochet hook, but I think I would have done my grandmother proud. I must have been channeling her when I used one of her vintage hooks later in the process!

See How She Bats Those Beautiful Crochet Frog Eyes?

It took me many tries before I got Gabi’s eyes just right. Eyes are so important! They say that eyes are the window to the soul!

After stitching on her eyes, I think that Gabriola Frog does indeed have a soul! Gabi, as I like to call her, is bursting with personality. She’s a happy-go-lucky frog. You’ll melt the first time she bats those beautiful crochet frog eyes at you .

One ball of dollar store yarn is all it took! The entire project cost me a whopping $1.25 (the cost of the yarn) because I upcycled scraps of yarn, fibrefill, beads and embroidery thread left over from other projects to create her.

As you can see, Gabi is a bit of a drama queen and she doesn’t close her mouth for a minute. To her credit, she catches more flies that way!

She’s made herself quite at home and will show up in different places around the house! One day she’ll be chillaxing on a chair…

…. and the next thing I know she’ll be staking her territory on our TV stand.

At meal time, she’s keeping me company in the kitchen. Here she is feigning hunger; I’m not a fast cook!

Of all the places she’s been, I thought she found her happy place reclining in her milk painted adirondack chair.

However, that was before I found this motorcycle at Value Village. It was missing the handle bars.

If you just came for the free amigurumi frog pattern, feel skip to the bottom of this post for details. But if you love a good upcycle, read on!

Chopper Fix

Watch this quick video detailing how we fixed the handle bar on this wooden motorcycle:

The missing handle bar didn’t deter us from buying it because I knew we could bend a new one for free using a coat hanger, a wire bender we already owned and windshield wiper tubing. 

Hubs screwed the wire bender onto a piece of wood and then clamped it into his workbench.

Just a few strategic bends…

… and then some rubber tubing to complete the handle grips.

Hubs removed the metal poking out from the block of wood with a pair of pliers.

Get in the Groove

I used a grinder disk to start a groove to accommodate the new handlebars. It wasn’t even attached to a grinder. I just held the wheel in my hand  and notched the wood.

Then I used a piece of folded coarse sandpaper, widening the gap to fit the new handle bar.

I added green tape surrounding the area to protect the surface from the 5 minute epoxy.

I applied the epoxy in the groove and inserted the handle bar, letting it set up for 16 hours with a piece of green tape to hold it.

Wannabe Motorcycle Mama

Gabi hopped on as soon as it was done! As single minded as she is, I couldn’t stop her .

I think she’s enjoying her new ride. She loves to feel the wind ruffle through her eyelashes!

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Free Crochet Frog Pattern

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If you’re interested in other free amigurumi patterns, check out this crochet amigurumi turtle. It’s actually a webcam cozy that does double duty protecting your kids’ privacy!

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    • Thanks so much Maria! It was nice to get back to some hands-on crochet again after all those years! I didn’t think I had it in me to create my own pattern: I must have inherited that gene from my grandmother!

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    mixedkreation on said:

    You did an awesome job repairing the handlebars, and the amigurumi frog it sooo cute!

  2. Thank you so much! I have had a love of frogs many years now that began when I was reading a Christian blog and they had the acronym:

    I’ve collected various frogs and even have two that have a male driver with female passenger on motorcycle! Of course, when I saw Gabi, I knew I HAVE to make her! I am so looking forward to this precious Gabi!
    Now, to find that pattern!
    Again, thank you!

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    acraftymix on said:

    Gabriola must be, without a doubt, the most adorable frog I have ever seen. How I wish I could crochet. Love, love, love!!!!

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    So stinkin cute and creative!!

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    You kill me Sara, this is so cute. How do you think something like this up? I love it. Pinning to my crochet board.

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    I’m always looking for easy and cute little projects! This is adorable!

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