Ugly Christmas Socks!

Whenever my brother-and-sister-in-law host Christmas, it’s always a hoot. They go out of their way to make it interesting with games and competitions – for the little kids and big ones (aka the adults) alike. A few years ago, my B-I-L and S-I-L introduced an ‘ugly sock contest’ to the festivities – a twist on ugly Christmas sweaters. I don’t know how they came up with the idea but I’m always up to a fun challenge so was eager to get started.

I ended up making matching ugly socks for both me and hubs. I started with some festive dollar store toe socks and an empty lip balm container (the one I actually used was shorter than the one shown below).

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CO Detector Wall Safe: Hidden in Plain Sight!

Sunday marked the first day of daylight saving time. In addition to turning back the clock an hour, it’s a great time to change the batteries on your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors and also check to see if they need to be replaced! Our CO detector was getting close to 10 years old, so we replaced it with a new one.

Birdz of a Feather has always focused on upcycling whatever we can, so instead of throwing the old CO detector away I had an epiphany about using it to create a place to hide my valuables in plain sight! Sometimes necessity – and a penchant for upcycling – is the mother of invention!

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Mancave Transformation and Reveal

My husband spent over 2 years renovating our basement in his spare time. Our basement is small so we split up the basement between three functions: a craft studio, laundry room and a mancave. I took the majority of the space for my studio; not very magnanimous of me given that he built every single bit of it himself – single handedly (with the exception of pouring a new basement floor as shown below).

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Upcycle Kitchen Cabinets Into a One-of-a-Kind Desk!

Today marks the first official post under our new Birdz of a Feather domain (if you don’t count the old post that accidentally republished a few days ago). Moving to a new domain is not without its challenges, but things will hopefully run smoothly from here-on-out!

The only real change you might notice is that Birdz of a Feather Home and Birdz of a Feather ~ Craft Rehab are now roosting together in the same nest – so to speak.There’s nothing we love more than sharing our tutorials with you, so making the decision to combine our DIY and craft blogs under one roof allows us to spend more time doing just that!

If you were subscribed to both blogs, you should only receive one email from us when we post. If for some reason that’s not the case, just let us know through the contact form on the home page and I’ll get it resolved 🙂

There’s a separate tab for Craft Rehab projects on the Home page so if you’re only familiar with our DIY projects, I hope you’ll check them out (and vice versa if you originally found me through Craft Rehab)!

Now on to today’s tutorial!

When we renovated our kitchen we saved two sets of drawers because we knew we could upcycle them into something super useful again. You know how they say that necessity is the mother of invention? This upcycle is a prime example. After the kitchen, next on our list of renovations was the craft room so storage and a desk area was at the top of the list of needs. The bank of drawers was just what we needed to create a one-of-a-kind desk for the office area!

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Remodel a Laundry Room by Adding a New Countertop!

Our laundry room started out like so many other builder spaces; dark, dank and in the basement. There was nothing much we could do about the location (our house is too small to move it), but we could certainly remodel it with beautiful finishes to make it a pleasant space to do laundry in!

One day I’ll write about the full laundry room remodel, but today we’re focusing on the countertop update.Laundry Room 001

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Beautify Your Yard with a Container Garden on the Cheap

Today I have some planting tips for container gardens and how we find garden supplies on the cheap.

When we’re looking to add some charm to our garden, we look for large organized yard sales where we can find both plants and planters. A few weeks ago, we attended one such sale that was raising money for a seniors association. We found BRAND NEW planters for only $1 – and because we got there early in the morning, I spied a plant stand hiding behind the table (which you’ll see later in the reveal). I scored 3 pots and the stand for only $6.00! At retail I think it would easily have cost well over $40 to purchase!Yard Sale for Charity_BOF.jpg

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How to Train Clematis Now for Beautiful Blooms By Summer

We inherited the clematis that is growing in our front yard when I bought the house, but it was obvious that the structure wasn’t allowing the plant to reach its full potential. You may have seen that we built a new trellis out of cedar to give the plant more structure to grow width and height-wise (more about trellises and privacy screens here and here).First Trellis Project_measuring

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How to Hide an Electrical Panel in a Finished Basement

Some electrical panels are perfectly fine hidden behind a metal door but when we finished our basement and had to increase the size of our the panel even more to accommodate the electrical needs for my craft room and the mancave, it looked horrendous.

Here are a few pictures of the ‘before’:


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Spring Cleaning a Slipcovered Ikea Sofa: Try This at Home!

Now that Spring has sprung, it’s time for a little spring cleaning! Upholstered couches are great, but washable slipcovers are even better!
Each spring we like to get a fresh start by starting with our sofa and switching up our decor. Our Ikea Karlstad couch is white, so it shows every speck of dirt, and was in dire need of cleaning. However the washing instructions say not to put the slipcover the dryer, so we’d be without it for the full day it takes to dry. What happens when the cover is in the wash and you don’t have a spare in the interim?
The solution? A full-sized (double) fitted bed sheet, the kind with the elasticized corners like the retro one shown below. We just happened to have it in our linen closet and it fits perfectly in a pinch while the slipcover dries!

Fitted Sheet_bof.jpg

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