Vintage Steno Chair Update

A few years ago, we were at an outdoor antique market in Aberfoyle, Ontario looking at these funky metal lamps wondering if we could find space for them. As the story goes, they were originally from a psychiatric hospital. What we loved about them were the curvy lines and retro look.

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Decoupaged Medicine Cabinet

You may have seen the powder room makeover we posted last year. Today we’re focusing on one of the elements: the unique medicine cabinet. At Birdz of a Feather, we’re all about upcycling so when it came time to renovate our small powder room, we wanted to do it as sustainably as possible.

Since hubs was going to use the bathroom to get ready in the morning, he needed storage space for his toiletries. A cabinet door we found at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore for only $2 was the starting point,  like the one shown below.

ReStore Cabinet Door

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Mom Turns 80! Make Her a Shadow Box

What do you get a Mom who has reached an 80th milestone? That’s a rhetorical question of course, but if you’re crafty and love to upcycle, like me, you make a little something at the very least!

Earlier in the summer, we were at a massive street sale –  held in the golden triangle in downtown Toronto – when I came across this bag of scrabble tiles:

Mom Turns 80! Make Her a Shadow Box | Birdz of a Feather

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Tarnish Free Jewellery Cabinet Upcycle

Wouldn’t we all love tarnish free jewellery?! If we find something in the garbage that inspires us (or even just challenges our common sense to leave it there), we don’t hesitate to try to find another use for it. The worst that can happen is that the project is an epic fail that ends up back in the garage again…. luckily that’s never happened!

When hubs found this old tool cabinet in the garbage, it was so beat up I thought it may be beyond repair. He thought it might be a good little cabinet to keep my craft stash in, but I had a better idea for it since he assured me there wasn’t anything about it that he couldn’t beautify!


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Yeah Baby! Turn a Headshot Photo Into a Cardboard Portrait

At Birdz of a Feather ~ Craft Rehab, we’re about to get our craft mojo on; yeah baby! I’m all about crafting sustainably but this Austin Powers cardboard portrait is not only ‘green’ but groovy too!

I’ve been playing around with ideas on how to utilize pictures and decided to try a portrait cut into cardboard. What could be more sustainable than upcycling a piece of cardboard from a box? It’s also easy on the pocketbook because the cardboard is free!

Austin Powers Cardboard Portrait 025_BOF.jpg

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Front Porch Privacy Screen

Today I’m bringing back a popular post from last year, our Front Porch Privacy Screen, but showing you more detail of the process.

When our neighbours decided to store their garbage bins at the side of their house we had more than just a curb appeal problem. Every time we came and went out the front door we were met with an unappealing view of their trash.


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Soda Bottle Vertical Garden

Here in Canada, even though it’s Spring, it will be quite a while before our winter blahs turn to green pastures again. It’s a great time of year to introduce a cheap and cheerful hanging system to brighten up your indoor space with plants!

Using empty soda bottles for this project ties in perfectly to my philosophy of sustainable crafting – using what you have – to create a vertical garden. And the best part is that they are free! We’re not soda drinkers, but we found an entire box of empties in our neighbour’s blue bin on pick up day (nicely organized in a Pringles box!) and wisked them away to make our hanging garden.

Watch the video and subscribe to my YouTube Channel while you’re at it! Then follow along with the tutorial and get planting!

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Stained Glass ‘Pond’ – Add Curb Appeal to a Winding Staircase

I’ve always been attracted to the vibrant colour of glass. Stained glass is a hobby I learned about 15 years ago and I couldn’t wait to put my skills to work when I bought my current house!

In Canada, it’s winter for far too long and I wanted to find a way to enjoy my pond no matter what the season – so I made this one in glass and installed it in the corner of our winding staircase! Today, I’m showing you some of the details on how I did it so you can add some curb appeal to your winding staircase too!

Stained Glass Pond 033a_BOF.jpg

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Dental Floss Sewing Kit Hack

Who hasn’t had a button pop at an inopportune time? Over the weekend when my own button popped I then had to search for the scissors, thread and sewing needle which were scattered around my studio. That night, I finished off a container of dental floss and had an epiphany: what if I made a portable sewing kit using the empty container? It already had a built in ‘thread’ cutter and I could store thread and a needle all in one convenient spot!

Here’s a video of the process, followed by a full tutorial:

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