How to Get Milk Paint to Stick to Anything!

I always avoid indoor paint projects because of the fumes. Even with low VOC paint, I don’t want to pollute what precious indoor air quality I have in my basement craft studio – especially in the winter months when I can’t even crack a window open. Did you know that there are no VOCs in milk paint? Because it’s truly non-toxic, I get to keep every brain cell so I can keep dreaming up new projects! Continue reading

Computer Hard Drive Clock

I originally got the idea for this computer hard drive clock from my niece who used to make and sell these clocks for spare pocket change. Her father (my brother) owns a computer repair shop so there are always dead hard drives around ripe for the picking. If you’ve ever scratched your head wondering what you can do with old computer parts, this is the tutorial for you!

My wife’s first computer was a PC with a whopping 40 MB hard drive (I’m a Mac guy myself). I have to laugh at that now because these days storage devices can hold many thousands of times more memory – and we can easily fill a 3GB hard drive in just over a year with all our blog photos! We took her old computer apart for this a one-of-a-kind computer hard drive clock. Continue reading

Tuna Can Swing Out Storage Tower

Whenever I look at the recycle pile, I see untapped potential. Little did I know that when I had an epiphany about the tuna can one day while making lunch, creating tuna can swing outs would be so addictive! I had never seen it done anywhere before, so it was quite an interesting challenge to figure out the mechanics of it. Hubs raised an eyebrow when I tried to explain it, but let me carry on with my experiment! Continue reading

Shot Glasses Upcycle

I was so excited when Hubs found an entire box of shot glasses in the garbage – one dozen to be exact! He was going to donate them because they had a branded logo printed on them. Unbelievably, he didn’t think I could do anything with them. Boy was he wrong! And given the time of year, of course I found a way to make them look festive for the season! Continue reading